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Free Barb play

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i have a 18/14 free barb as my main and used to have a paid account with cob/nl sized barb/pally, so ive got a pretty good understanding of how the game works, i know in both cob and NL you got your exp and skill area's(exp=undeadcity/dornar or mormar, and skill being pillars or uppers/forgs and forge) but because free accounts arnt exactly the cool thing, you never hear of the multiple places in nork to go, i know everyone says n-6, and thats a great place to skill and slowely exp/coin, but Nork is much larger than just the nork dungeons, and i wanted to hear some other peoples "secret spots" of nork if they got any, i myself do great as a barb if zerked exp'ing in km-4, its a little hard, and i cant take on more than 3-4 at a time, but i can gather anywhere from 10-20m a day exp doing this. i know Homlet is also a pretty good place for a barb for exp, ive tried km-2 for skill but until i get lvl 19 and that stun prot while zerked it looks like that was a bust. ive thought m-3 might be good for skill but a barb cant exactly cast IV heh, im thinking once i get lvl 22 and i get that agi bonus while zerked i might try my luck hunting ML, you get a little test with taking on 3 dragons at once, but if i get them killed there are tons of different type NPC's down here and im sure it would be good skill as well as a great place for coin/pots/ and 5/5 rings. anyways these are all the ones i can think of, please post and let me know if you got anymore thanks

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Re: Free Barb play

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Nork 5/5's drop in Multi-lair? That's news to me, after all this time!

Iirc, N7 is better than N6 for exp. Tougher too, of course. Evil nork can be fun too...decent exp/skill.

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Re: Free Barb play

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it might sound a little un-obtainable, but seriously give n-10 a while, just make sure wardens door is closed.
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Re: Free Barb play

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