Race Aging

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Race Aging

Post by dhavin »

I haven't seen anything posted on this so I thought I'd share, for what it's worth. The following is the number of hastes (skill 37 mentalist) required to age each race from Extremely Young to Very Young:

City Dweller: 11 (by 142 he was ancient).
Forest Dweller: 20
Mountain Dweller: 26
Underground Dweller: 29
Outcast: 30
Woodlands Dweller: 31

This is the result of a single test run, at least a second test run should be done to confirm that there isn't a random component to aging with haste (which there probably is).

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Re: Race Aging

Post by Merlin »

Really nice info, never thought of testing this before.

glad my ment is woodlands dweller ! haha it was always said they were a good psi class because of naturally high int,
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