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Fast Aleria

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Good idea. Better idea with the x2 experience gain. I'm writing this from a perspective of a newer player who isn't leeching his way through the game. Here is my reasoning:

Good spread of difficulty vs. rewards. There are areas huntable by level 10 characters and areas huntable by level 20 characters with relatively good experience gains for each.

We are all used to the sped up round timer. Waiting 3 seconds to act was fine back in the day, especially with latency issues. Waiting 3 seconds these days is not desirable. Moreover, since other scenarios are fast (Nork, Crazy Cob, etc.), there is little to no reason to hunt in a slow scenario. The rewards are simply better in a faster scenario, and this puts Aleria into the realm of consideration when deciding where to hunt.

It's easier than Cob and can make a good transition between Nork and Cob for the average player. The trek to level 18 for a new player is long. The best they can hope for is hunting N-6 forever, and it requires a lot of resources and specific gear to do so. Poison means constant IH drain for most, assault means at least 1 rakshasa cloak dedicated, random super NPCs can spawn with stun, energyspear, and earthcrush. It's certainly doable and has been forever, but outside of barbarians it's pretty cumbersome. Back in the day I used a pair of earthcrush bracers in DT to level to 18 and that was considered pretty fast. Aleria offers a variety of dungeons with different challenges that accommodate different classes. Gear options are more open because of this. Experience is comparable to N-5 or N-6 in plenty of areas, and slightly higher in a few.

Some of the equipment makes good transitory gear before higher end Nork gear is usable. Seldari greatsword hits harder than most two handers usable up to that point. MA gauntlets outclass RD gauntlets but are not as strong as vamps. There may be a few other examples, but those are the two that come to mind.

PSI works well here. You'll remember my complaints about PSI in Cob. Aleria, even with x2 gains, doesn't quite match up to Cob, but is comparatively easy to hunt as a healer or mentalist, or even a thief. Those classes are traditionally harder to grow without a good group, and Aleria helps some.

I have other commentary about Aleria but not really related to fast rounds. Overall, fast Aleria is a good idea.

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