description of subscriptions, we need it.

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description of subscriptions, we need it.

Post by Areyekuwe »

This is what we get in the "account page"

•Silver and above Memberships include access to Nork (alts 1 and 2), Aleria and Cohbran for all characters
•Gold and above Memberships also includes special in game content, access to special high level trainers, increased skill gain (and skill regain), and more!
•Platinum Membership includes a free premium guild hall subscription for each of your characters! slowed aging, higher bank limits, faster party leadership gain and more!

This needs to be explained to the point.
Like 15% increase or like 10HP per month or like 50% higher Quirk Point gain.

The above descriptions are lazy to a point that they are just really, what should I say? Bad?

Please, write this stuff out.

For example a simple question: What gives better quirk point gain gold plan stand alone or a silver plan and lover guild hall on a slot.

Defining "in game content" is important, please do.
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Re: description of subscriptions, we need it.

Post by Wolverine2 »

I think part of the problem, is Brad doesn't even know all of what's implemented anymore. It's a lot to keep track of. There's a ton of bonuses, pot sellers, max stat increases etc.

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