Old School Alerian neutral helm

Want to sell that Strength pot thats been in your locker for a year?
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Old School Alerian neutral helm

Post by nunnbt473 »

Looking for an old school alerian neutral helm, has to be at least a couple years or so old, maybe as old as 5 years. I have a current one I can offer in trade. Can not have been to cob.
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Re: Old School Alerian neutral helm

Post by Wolverine2 »

If I was paid, I may have one... you seem to be very intent on sensing old school items. Just to let you know, stuff on fansites is very outdated, considering Brad changed the system on some things too. You may have to rerun all the tests with varying results. Not even sure if Brad knows what pieces even do what anymore :lol: . Another thing to note, some gear specifically has changed stats as well, so a '95 or whatever uzi is completely and utterly different from a '07 or a '14 uzi.

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