Blast from the past

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Blast from the past

Post by Rathe »

Something I stumbled accoss that some of you might remember :) ... es/3a.html

Happy Holidays :)


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Re: Blast from the past

Post by Irin »

Haha I totally remember that look! I was looking for Fiefquest tho too. I think that was the name of the other game I dabbled in on MPGN.

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Re: Blast from the past

Post by Lynx »

:lol: yeah Irin, Fiefquest was awesome, man so many good memories with that one.


Re: Blast from the past

Post by Infinity »

Nice link! I've included in the Drakkar Wikia the link, a brief description and the MPG-NET banner. I may add each Drakkar pages as it's own page in the Wiki as well. ... of_Drakkar

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