Jords Turkey day run...!!

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Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Tinke »

Have you ever seen one thing happen to another player, That even the year's and change of charecter /class/race could not burn the image out :?: I know each one that's played drak through the year's, Has got to have at least One. I have Many that when I look at the person, I can't help but roll over laughing. But Not one can compare to the one im about to rehash.

Not for the "FEINT" of hearts..!
Reader be warned...!!

Never underestimate the power of A turkey on roids :!:

It's a wonderful fall morning, Hunters everywhere. All with blunderbuss in tow,
As the sun rises on the crisp morning air, More hunters show up from there long pilgrimage
across the sea , past the cornfields, And through the tree's they go.
Every corner and inch of the fields we have hunters fighting to claim there turkey dinner.

Then one Brave soul shows up "JORD" of course :lol:
With blunderbuss in tow, He cleans it out, and gets ready. Hearing blunderbuss's now and then go off, he's watching as hundreds of other hunters show up to take his spoil. Frustrated jord starts cleaning his blunderbuss again and again and yet again, When suddenly out of Nowhere appears One nice plump turkey! Jord clears his eyes, Then shakes his blunderbuss as he starts charging and shouting I got my turkey...!!!!
Jord takes his best aim and blasts off his blunderbuss, Only to have it misfire and toss him backwords, Before he can take his second aim Again, He has A MEGA red Turkey on roids Allover him. Everyone puts down there blunderbuss's and watch in amazement at our fallen turkey hunter! As the Mega Turkey Struts off, I rush over to grab poor jord, To save embarrassement, Unfortunetely for jord, I was laughing so hard I stripped searched him on the spot :oops:

I swore i'd never let him live that moment down, Ever. What a true friend I am /evil grin

gotta love good ole Jord !!

Hi, and welcome Killed By a Turkey Anonymous, or KBTA.

My name is Jord, and.... yeah. I was killed by a turkey...

It was the big hunt, ya know? Lots of people were doing it, so, well, i just
went along, I guess. I was gonna kill one too.

But it isn't like you think, you know? I mean... it isn't at all like in
school, where you trace the outline of your hand and color the fingers in like

It's just...aweful... First there's nothing, and you get that cool Blunderbuss,
and you figure that should be pretty safe, 'cause it's a gun, right? And then
there it comes... all gray... it doesn't do anything to you, at first, but
then...when you shoot the first time.... (sob) man.... it was just all over
me! i couldn't see anything but gray feathers, and it was pecking me and
scratching me and shearing my flesh with it's turkey claws.... and that sound,
god, that horrible horrible sound... i'll never forget that sound as long as i


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Re: Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Jord »

some stories never die and this one goes down in Drakkar history.
I still bear the scars.
And Tinke my dear friend, I think you just wanted to add to my embarrassment and drag my nakid carcass through town.

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Re: Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Rosey »

Oh No!!!! It's the killer Turkey!!!

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Re: Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Cobra »

That was a classic day, still gives me a laugh thinking about it. I see why you always wanted mykah around as a healer for your sorry tin can:) Although I must say it ranks #2 in my book. #1 has got to be when Mars was asking in DZ chat if anyone had a MT to slith lair because he was killed and stripped by slith.


Pure ownage in either case.


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Re: Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Martialarts »

Thanks for the giggling was nice to revist this I sure miss them Days. :lol:
The MA

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Re: Jords Turkey day run...!!

Post by Lunatic »

:) I always love back in the day drakkar stories!

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