What makes Drakkar good?

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What makes Drakkar good?

Post by Tnem »

What makes Drakkar a good game?

This is not a sarcastic question.
I do not want replies that state bad points (most of us know this), i'm only looking for the good points.

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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by Merlin »

Drakkar is good because:-

Visible growth - In the early stages you have clear visible character growth, stats,skill,exp all in a short period of time, this leaves you wanting more.

Party play - "Hey lets get together and go kill red dragon" this applies throughout the game, all the way from VT RD to BDC AA, you still get together form a party with the same goal in mind.

Non-PVP - knowing that you have the safety to walk around where ever you want and your not going to bump into a 78/39 who see's you with a nice dread LS and pk's you to take it.

Tieing gear - Having items that are only useable to your account, less gear stealing from dp's or pvp as above.

Unique items/lairs - This isnt an occurance so often anymore, but i really love the idea of unique items that have different graphics/attributes to anything else in the game(mega lairs - seriously we should have more).

OLD players - seeing the same names and characters over a 10 year period.

The history/firsts
- i love reading the statues above duke and koss, there should be more like this in every scenario. drakkar firsts should not be forgotton.

More to come as i think of them.
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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by shadeth »

Visible growth. It is what brought me back after a 6 year hiatus.

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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by dragonmage »

I've played for 10 years off and on, and the biggest reason i come back every time is the friends i've made here. Draks got one of those cool chill community of players, for the most part lol.

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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by uebersoldat »

The fact that you use your imagination while playing (or roleplaying). Graphics aren't everything and I miss the days when games were fun not just a race to see who can create the most realistic environment. I live in reality, most of the time I game to ESCAPE reality haha.

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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by Martialarts »

Well I am not sure bad service poor quality of personal i guess all of it..

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Re: What makes Drakkar good?

Post by Yohon »

Always finding new things, even after playing for decades

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