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Drakkar on Amazon

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So, it should delight some of you that one of Drakkar's very own is a published author. Oh yeah, and in the acknowledgment several of our fellow players are mentioned :)

The book is called "Guild Leadership" by Jeon Rezvani. Here is a little excerpt...

"To the gamers who have influenced me throughout the years: Lalligos, Djarn, Myth, Dantes, Nightmare, Ertic, Soyer, Ironuzak, Shaihulud, Yendor, Vanidor, Lazloth, Phoenix, Nads, Frozboz, Zogg, Jade, Rath, Megaboz, Sevatear, Azrael, Kalaran, Ender, Ravaillac, Axhine, TKD, Chakka, Phyre, Mechzilla, Omni, and Shirak..."

-Jeon Rezvani, a.k.a.
Krendel, Llort, Jovian, Oidar, Cricket, Gellig, Mortuus, Nubrigol, et al.

Pretty sweet, huh?
That WOLF is up to something SINister.

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