Empty IH in sack

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Empty IH in sack

Post by Pancho »

Other day I was minding my own business in bog looking for terror blood drops. The permanent residents of bog were not pleased and we did have few scuffles here and there but nothing serious.

Later though matters got worse when I decided to venture down in Mormor and kept reaching for IH in sack. After a few drinks I realised that the HP meter kept low and drinking IH from sack didn't take effect even though there were three IH bottles in sack, prompting me to immediately twig out and inspect the contents in sack.

The IH bottles were empty. I always buy from IH seller. So, the question is who drank them and then put it back in sack? I dont mind if a bogwitch or terror or batwings take it from sack and drop it after drinking from it but this?


Pretty sneaky I must admit. Anyone know who does this dastardly act? Who should I watch out for?


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Re: Empty IH in sack

Post by Chrystamyr »

Blame it on Mars!?!

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