On a Positive note......

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On a Positive note......

Post by GenRalph »

Wow, ok, seems its been a while since i loged in forums. Lots of "unread" posts. :shock:

It seemed important to say Thank you to Brad, the crew and you players for keeping KOD going. I havent had this much fun in a game for a long time. All games have bugs, issues ups and downs, but KOD stands abart because of the base of good players and intriquing content.

Unfortunately human nature is that 10 peeps will complain about something for every one that says something positive. By my count it appears the positives are a little behind on posts. 8) (stares at several peeps) So this one is my part.

Keep up the good work. Play hard, take chances and lend a hand to others in need. Never know, they may be your next best Pal.

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Re: On a Positive note......

Post by Doro »

Would that I could be as eloquent.

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