Drakkar Conference April 24th, 2008

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Drakkar Conference April 24th, 2008

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The 2008 Drakkar Conference was held in Channel 1 on April 24, 2008 at 9:00 PM EST.

UnicornLady: why don't MA tiers work outside of NL?

brad: The item required to make the attack work arent in all the scenarios. Some of those abilities require an item to do damage and they havent been ported over.

Daokin: I guess the most obvious of them - what "is" the direction drak is headed?

brad: wow, the direction of drak. Several things. we have a new brewing / crafting system that omni and darge are working on. I think thats the next cool thing to go up. past that, adding more areas.. flushing out NL, figuring out new abilities to give. I want to keep thinking of new creative ways to take the game, not just new abilities.

guardianangel04: Will jil ever be equipped ( or another npc) with a way to get to gdh and a npc or portal to go back nameless land

brad: hmmm. as long as it doesnt bypass the normal access restrictions, id say ther eis a good chance

Necron99: My question: are there any plans to open up a solo area for high-lvl crits?..

brad: yes! SDC will be solo

srflynn2312: What about getting different colours for the self spell tier icons

brad: whats a spell? (smile) How about different icons in general. haha. Yes, definetly some work to do there

Skip: Why are Rift gaunts class specific, when killer weapons are not class specific? I think my Barb should be able to use his MA skill to kill stuff with something better than Improved Vamp Grips (lev 25) Could solve this problem by making Food Guardian gaunts do "decent" damage - and more than Improv Vamp Grips

brad: they are designed to be a reward for the MA class. The MAs ability is in a single weapon class. perhaps new areas will have new items for other classes in the gauntlet area

Darksteel: why doesnt backstab killing blows grant both thief skill and weapon skill

brad: hmmm. good question, i'll see how unbalancing it would be for it

flisk: my question: what is the status of the web-server?

brad: haha i flisk isnt really on (smile) "you must be present to win" i'll talk to flisk about that privately (smile)

Brenem: any chance of getting a high end staff for healer and ments?..possibly a KILLER with adds that help ment and healers.

brad: yes, in future areas. I think we are done with the "killer" storyline. I am open minded about it though

tjun: How much is uber cob utilized ?..

brad: not very much

tirith: Will drakkarzone still be running drakkar in 10 years?

brad: wow. will i be alive in 10 years. haha. maybe gary will be running it (smile)

Shadowthor: is any knew quests comeing out in the next couple of years?

brad: um, i sure hope so. Unless there is something im missing (smile)

Necron99: ok, so what is SDC?.. and when is its release planned?

brad: silver dragon consort area. When its done!

SirTravis: Will there be another area to find the final tiers? Also highly support the killer staff idea

brad: i dont understand "final tiers", every area will hopefully have new/different abilities

Puterbaugh: does game difficulty varie, I notice one day easy next hard

brad: this is old school rpg stuff, creature have varying levels, hit points, attacks, etc +- levels, etc so yes great variability

Skip: Next question: Any way to stop getting bounced completely out to desktop when typing in alot of text in a DZ PM ? or exchanging a bunch of DZ messages with a person causing the same thing?

brad: skip, i havent noticed that recently, but if you have something consistant, get with a sysop and lets get it nailed down. last time it happened i beat on it for quite a bit. make sure you are running the latest one also

srflynn2312: With the amount of people all running Gold and multiple UGH's on accounts, when r u going to implement a package to do all slots ugh and gold

brad: well, its a good question, there is a lot to think about there, figuring out pricing, figuring out what the impact would be, and coding it. I havent given it much thought to be honest

(Annonymous) how about a spear killer weapon?..

brad: im not closing the door on anything, but i'd like to push forward on new areas and items instead of messing with older story lines. I mean, why not a "silver saber and silver spear and silver mace and silver...". etc

Mars' question: Did Mars really buy Drakkar earlier this month? <VEG>

brad: ill ask my wife who is paying the bills, and get back to you

Volcom: Is it fair that people who got skill 38 in forge abusing a bug should not be rolled back? or allow similar growth rates for others

brad: we take things like that on a case by case basis. In this case it was our fault because normal hunting cuased the high skill gain. so, their only option was to stop playing.

brummiebird: why is there only 1 killer weapon that will return when thrown

brad: because thats all they designed in mormar. other weapons had other special abilities

XtremeNL: Will there ever be a high end axe, killer for example? Axe used to be an interesting weapon choice untill NL came out...

brad: "will there ever" odds are high there will be new weapons of every type as the game advances

Convox: are you planning any expansion for Cob?

brad: I dont think there is anything in the works at the moment. NL is the expansion scenario past cob. doesnt mean there wont be one though. its a good training ground for new developers, because its so nasty. haha

omeep: ok, when will the armor repair npc in cob be functional again :P

Omni: the fix is done and i'll probably be moving it into cob tonight

brad: haha and there you have it

omeep: for a throwing axe thief, what skill determines how frequently they get blocked. Also what skill determines how frequently they miss?

brad: if you throw, its throwing skill vs skill of target

drakkarking: perhaps we could have an area for level 30-45ish skilling/exping?

brad: COB and some NL

Juice: Will there be any more of low or mid lvl lairs like voltron to promote lower lvl to enjoy game instead of looking for quickest xp gain?

brad: if you mean level restricted? I think so, yes

tjun: What do you think of taking uber cob and making it a alt 2 of sorts for regular cob keeping the gains and bringing people back to it?.. Maybe at some lvl or quested what not...

brad: im not sure what an alt2 of cob would achieve. other than people switching back and forth farming the same hunting area

Veega: Will accounts that have been paid before always be disabled if payment ceases? - Will Nork (by improve I mean new storylines, new dungeons, etc etc) ever be improved instead of the main focus being on NL?

brad: 1) Thats the definition of a pay account (smile)
brad: 2) Nork has been improved many, many times
brad: 3) Future scenarios are normally where people want to experience new content

icawn: whats your day job? if applicable, did this game help you get it? will you ever increase skill gain in bdc. you didn't have to go so far as to nearly kill the gains altogether, as it is currently.

brad: Im a janitor for a software development firm. skill gain in BDC is pretty darn good, if the rate of gain 36+ is any indication. haha

Homestar: oh ok, ask him when the skill 38 cap is going to 39? it was a bug that it didnt go to 39, and another quest was supposed to be done for skill 40

brad: probably in a new area. not a bug its not 39. Was a bug someone GOT to 39. haha

Daokin: Something that's bothered me .. Why does throwing 1 coin do the same damage as throwing 500k? Also, 500k weighs about as much as a corpse, so why can't I throw Talbot?

brad: The magic of the Currency

Statalious: flisk still workin on aleria?????? will you ever decrease the cost of NL access of fifty bux ($50)?

flisk: yes, but omni has the test box at the moment
brad: no, i think getting all the chars in for $50.00 is a better solution than the per character charge. when the next scenario comes out, the price may drop , who knows

Wolfgang: brad will you consider adding more improvements to defense staff in GDH and beyond?

brad: You mean a new weapon? yes, you mean changes to old content? no.. lets push forward for new quests and items, not rehash old ones

Necron99: Also, is the BDC final lair broken? I mean, is the consort supposed to drop the same item as the acid boss?..

brad: im going to be reworking that, people are abusing the encounter a bit much. encounter not broken but additional item is not present

guardianangel04: For paying skills below skill 30 is the inconsistency of training ever going to be fixxed? i used to get .4% paid training for one meg on all the skill levels , now i get .1% for a meg for one skill then next it will change to some different. is this how is is supposed to be now or what?

brad: Training pays for points, higher levels have higher points, more money per level needed

guardianangel04: Will people that have paid ugh for numerous months ever get a benifit from this? say after 5 months 1 month free or something along those lines?

brad: ooh good idea, make a note of that one omni (smile)

GatesofTheArctic: opps should say in time will their be a fate type stats for nl.. ie water, cards, dion, ??

brad: hmm probably not, doesnt fit, also causes more customer service complaints than lost passwords do (smile)

Pug70: Do you have an end level/skill for classes in site?

brad: that would infer and end to the game, so no, i dont. Game will continue to advance as long as Im around.

thick: Do you believe drakkar may outgrow itself one day in the near future resulting in a large balancing issue, and possibly an offshoot game?

brad: drakkar is far smaller than it used to be, and is no longer "in the main stream", so i doubt it will ever get too big

(Annonymous) Have you or will you consider armor defense ratings as opposed to us guessing/trusting heresay. I would assume the harder area/higher level are strongest, but that may not hold up

brad: no, drakkar will never be a right_click_and_get_stats game. This is a thinkers/testers game, there are lots of other games that handhold you on items

Shadowthor: One more question from me: I know others have dabbed upon this, and there is some wonder, Will drakkar ever add any more classes and/or races?

brad: very doubtful, we have enough balancing issues as is. haha. maybe a race though..

Skip: Something I've noticed that doesn't feel right . . . Holding a 2H weapon only (staff, GS, Hally) results in getting hit more often and for greater damage than holding a 1H weapon (nothing in shield hand) with equal weapon skills. Is this supposed to be the case? Or is there some special 2H weapon code at work?

brad: every weapon has different innate blocking. 2h/1h doesnt really matter

Skip: How goes the re-thinking of Mjorin ?

brad: havent worked on it recently skip (mjorin)

Migam: Beyond KM axe, there are no decent Axes outside of Cob, not even an escapee axe. Would you add one?

brad: im sure all sorts of new weapons will be in future scenarios

Brenem: Why can't sysops help players who wish to hold events? let them use there judgment on if the request is against policy or principles. example: all i was going to ask for was a npc that passes out scrolls at a certain spot.

brad: its a tricky, tricky issue. ANY interactivity like that causes half the players to claim favoritism. however, a submitted even idea with preplanning may be possible as it will be open to scrutiny

Sealth: next question. Would it be possible to get a version of Aleria with the speed of alt2?..

brad: haha wow. lets try that soon and see how aleria goes with crazy speed turned on but the current aleria machine couldnt handle it

Zulnawth: Can we please make the +10 str/agi a quest addon for the Killers?

brad: As ive said a few times, that storyline is complete, lets move on to new areas. each weapon has special characteristics

Seldon: are you interested in player submitted expansions / new areas?

brad: sure, just post the ideas in the forums, we have a couple people really active on that side now.. lots of room for content ideas

Darge: why has the focus in NL, specifically GDH, been on extremely small hunting areas. In cob we have over a dozen dungeons to hunt in, in GDH we have 1-2 areas, and they are almost always unneccesarily party required

brad: it was a mistake in focus on my part, i misunderstood some player comments when working on GDH. i was thinkign "progression" oriented. definetly something ive moved away from.

Darge: when will you work on fixing the GDH2 bow

brad: on the bow, i just havent made it a priority, i know its a pet peave of yours (smile)

blitzedvisious: on Woulfgangs question, will code sapport a shared locker for all slots?

brad: no, sorry. tried tha tbefore , just nothing present to make it work

tirith: What are Brad's plan for the Rift, When will the rift cometh?

brad: i lost my helper on rift, sadly. its difficult to pursue because of that. Need to work on NL first.. though a new scenario would give me the "room" for these multiple dungeon/hunting areas. that NL doesnt have

Logan69er: Im really disappointed in my healer but I cant stop playing, tell me will there be new advances so I can slaugter barbs? and deal a ton more damage?

brad: haha. maybe slaughter them with healing. i dont think of 'tons of damage' when i think healer. But there will continue to be advances in the class although im still looking for "novel" ideas for new advances

Volcom: Con pots from mormar are ones that take con to 18 and one to 25. Why can we not get str and agil pots that drop in mormar that also go to 25 base stats?

brad: Volcom: i think im going to keep those special to areas. maybe NL but not everythign in mormar

Juice: will you adopt a rebirth (advancing) system to refresh and reuse all contents with higher stats/hp/sp in future with more diverse classes and skill system?

brad: Juice: i dont know how to answer that, its like 3 new games in one question

drakkarking: will merchant's get tier scrolls? I was seriously considering raising one, for the pure joy of trying a "blank" class.

brad: haha no

drakkarking: why do the 'temporal flux' items have to poof when we logout (and nl cons)? I can understand using jillian, but it's irritating to be sensing tiers or something similar, and losing them to a node or something.

brad: i am still trying to come up with a solution on the nodes. But in general its a way of making the items tricky to deal with. (They werent supposed to go into lockers originally)

ScaraBeeZ: will there be a real time conference like in las vegas or a dinner at a medieval times diiner an tournament

brad: when we break 1000 simultaneous

Daenin: Ever considered adding earmuffs as a helm for Sir A protection?

brad: Ive thought about some form of "ear protection"

KillerBuzz: will brad make like a dueling scenario when u restore in the scenario u dont lose con

brad: If there is enough demand for it, drakkar really isnt a PVP game

UnicornLady: id really like to see the food gaurdian gaunts be usuable by all classes. those who tested the area are able to use others guants with interesting results. This would also alow progression past the stupid spider faster.

brad: im sure every class wants some class restricted item of another class. those are intended to be benefits to the MA. plenty of other weapons choices

Brenem: any plans on making a paypal button instead of e-mailing the info?

brad: they have an API, and i messed with it a bit, but its a lot of time for 2 transactions a month

Pug70: if healers can cast heal, have you ever considered the option of making them choose one path or the other. Healing or hurting, mayve its a flag for a high end character

brad: that would be a mentalist

thick: Whats the difference between +7 and 7/7

brad: um. either just defense or offense, as opposed to both offense and defense. weapons behave differently than other items with their adds

Civon: will the current problem with potions from other scenarios not working be fixed? Example: Zaps from UGH will not work outside of GH anymore.

brad: specific cases can be worked on. Zaps definetly need to be moved to soething compatible between scenarios, yes. omni made a note for me

Stench: how about a new area for bigger type roots more onces like km area but in nl,bdh,gdh,sdh? ments and healers get alot of ep but even with regen need roots to fill gaps and all we have is little nork ones from eons ago

brad: yea sounds good stench

Statalious: will there ever be Drakkar Time?? that way we can do the math and say 'ill be back at 4:30 folks'

brad: there actually is statalious, displaying it is the trick. If i get a fe wminutes sometime i may

blitzedvisious: Can servers and infrastructure handle 1000 simultaneous users?

brad: not on the current login machine. about 500 would be the top without moving it to a new server

Seldon: Will drakkar (you / sysops etc) be represented at this year's Gen Con in any way?

brad: if gen con wasnt so mainstream, id say yes (smile). but they are too big now.. i was there for ac ouple years about 15 years ago. but its way outgrown me. haha

GatesofTheArctic: will there be a top 10 list of each class for alt1 an alt2?

brad: Maybe, if the demand is there for it

Terrel: since the introdution of primal, f/m's have made progress in terms of offensive str compared to other sticks. However, even considering tiers and self haste, their damage output is still the lowest among sticks. considering f/m's take the longest to build properly (apart from thieves), any chance their melee skills will get an upgrade at some point? (Secratary, United Federation of Fighter/Ments) also..when enchanting a shield...do the adds go towards offense or defense? (tyvm! :))

brad: F/Ms are multi facited, we have made several damage upgrades to them, but we dont want them competing directly with melee only classes, they have lots of other things they can do. +s on shields need to be tested (smile), i dont give that info out

Blondie79: What is the reasoning behind Lairs that have the chance to Fully Heal, for example Food gaurdian, last notch and it fully heals..it doesnt make the hunt any harder just incredibly long and boring. Im sure im not the only one that feels this way on this matter. oh in addition im not referring to lairs that can be mugged of Ih's or Depleted

brad: just a different challenge set, normally there are ways to reduce the chance or eliminate it.. some lairs arent

drakkarking: will healingtouch ever be fixed? last I heard it still only healed a cap of 1k hp..

brad: there is nothing to fix.. it caps at 1k

Killadude: Will there be a rolling bar for skill gain? as in the things that roll up whenever you gain exp

brad: No, direct numbers are not what we want to represent in the game for skill.

srflynn2312: was it intentional to have drop rates on certain rares to be longer than what it is to get the rares needed off lair crits - also can u up the rate of the random drops (specialy the ones that are in areas like Forge,needlers,gatherers) where you get loads of people needing and hunting at same time....

brad: "rares". haha. should always be "not as rare" so, if its something that truely is outrageous, we will look at it

Statalious: how about making day and night for the corisponding times? will you ever be able to tell what alt your in without running all the way back to the portal room?

brad: i messed with that in NL. its in but the game is too mature to implement it. you dont KNOW what alt your in? haha

Brenem: would it be possible to lock the dz chat on top?..I would like to see the chat while I play and possibly chat. at the moment, I am limited to using mirc, which does have that option.

brad: um, brenem, not sure i follow what that means. drop me some email

Blondie79: Any chance in the future we can have a toggalable option for pop up windows , ie when drowning "you are struggling for breath" or when u deposit money "have a nice day" so we can turn these off?

brad: ya know blondie, thats a good idea. i wonder what that would take. maybe a special window of togglables?

Wolfgang: any chance of adding an in game command to check your 'base' hps/eps from the command line, after all the adds it gets too confusing to figure out. any chance of making ALL quirks togalable, ments fire is a bit hot a times

brad: wolf, let me think about both of those. im not sure if there is an problem with either one

XtremeNL: Is it possible to get timestamps in DZ? It would be very useful for knowing wether the request for help you are reading(for example) is still needed.

brad: you mean in the chat? or in the game chat? let me look into that

uebersoldat:Will there be anything done to expand Nork in the forseeable future?

brad: we work on nork expansion every now and then.. but fundamentally an expansion to nork is a new scenario

(Chimera) Is there any plans to extend the gold plans to a 1 year payment?

brad: chimera, id love to do stuff like that, just a lot of web work and coding i havent had time for

Omni: couple more questions and conference is wrapping up

GasthraX: At first the whole quirk package was intended to eventually be available to all paying players. Is that ever going to happen

brad: i think being a perk of gold or higher is a good thing for gold players. I dont see a reason to dilute the gold plan much more than it already is

Phinish: will it be popssiable for guilds to have their own chat box so you can talk to all members at the same time if your on hunts cause when zerked you cant speak in game and pm is only to one person

brad: i was looking into that in the past, but people said they were happing using other tools already (mirc, etc)

ScaraBeeZ: npc JimHall whom is that person too u?

brad: a very good friend i knew ages ago. he used to play a more prominent roll in the ascii version of the game
brad: thanks guys
brad: its been great
brad: i'll head back to channel 0 for a bit
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Re: Drakkar Conference April 24th, 2008

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Log posted - enjoy!

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