SHADOW Returns!

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SHADOW Returns!

Post by Teh_Cheat »

After a great amount of deaths and teleports from the portals, Ragnarr_____OC finally killed the SHADOW with a fatal swing of his Halberd!

When SHADOW returned to reward the adventurers for their "noble and feeble attempt", he slew the entire party of adventurers and dissapeared in mid air promising to return another day!

This was not my first battle with the SHADOW, he took over the Mjorin Black Dragon and the SIN guild was able to slay him a long time ago.


First SHADOW Encounter! July 30, 2005

(You can tell the amount of deaths was great as my HP in the first pictures was from a con of 12, and I had used a bunch of majors before that, haha.)

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Re: SHADOW Returns!

Post by Darge »

*cough* One lone person stood, even after Shadow's own 'feeble attempt.' :P
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Re: SHADOW Returns!

Post by luckyman »

hahaha looks like fun

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