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Hello Drakkar Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the Long Awaited Story Forum !!

Feel free to post your anecdotes, and things you've learned (like by trial and error, the hard way) Newbie Stories, Veteran Stories, we'll take em !

Absolutely No Flaming, and if your story is slanderous, libellous, or defaming to an individual/group/guild, please reconsider posting. As this will be Read by many.

Who among you has boosted in a dragon lair.. and been booted to nork, thinking he spared your life !! yeah RIGHT ! Little Chicken :-) Come on Folks, Make me Laugh !

Also encourage are Fan Fiction, and Fan made stories that are Drak oriented.

and above all, Keep it Clean and Enjoy your Visit !

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3 Archaic. Material taught or learned.
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Lesson 1 for me as a new player : Never believe someone that tells you a 7/5 mentalist wearing sanquin scales and two raks can solo a Griffin !

Lesson 2 : Do not go back and try to get your own DP 4 times before you ask for help, if the lair killed you geared will be no contest when your nakkie.
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Post by ColdSteel »

When you die as a newb, Scavengers will not come and bring you to a healer =/ Dont waste your breath(fingers) begging them to help.

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Post by Concertor »

Lesson 1 as a newbie: Dont get mars mad <G>

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Post by srflynn64 »

Remember to set Twigs and have plenty of heals.

The amount of times i been on a hunt or hunted solo and forgot to set one or have enough :(

Like the time i first went to solo VT RD and found i ran out of heals and slammed out with only 50HP left to find that i been stripped of me gear... Another lesson if you ay got enough of things you need slam with plenty of HP :sarc

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Post by Ambrose »

I remember, in one of my earliest incarnations, standing in SF after being clawed (for the first time) by the VT rd and surviving ... trying to stay in role play and announcing to the occupants of SF that I was warming my clawed tush by the fire ... since I was running away when clawed, it seemed the likely place for the wound ...

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When you get messages saying someone has attempted to steal from you and the person has turned red, dont waste your breath shouting thinking it is a player. It could be just a townie that tried to steal from neutral you.

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Post by Magnum »

Never ever............... let Magnum solo a RD:sarc

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Post by ZhouYu »

First of all, my major lessons I learned while playing Drak:

1. 8/5 mentalist is not hard to get
2. Do NOT gamble at the gambler for exp (this was when he did give exp)
3. Just because you've solo'd the double griffin lair 5 dozen times doesn't mean that a griffin can't eat you.
4. Never, EVER, piss off the denizens of Drakkar, for they are like falcons, gentle with their young and fierce with their enemies.

Oh yeah, and never fireball the ent to prisons.

You know, I remember posting and asking for links to drak fanfiction. I love the stuff, can't get enough. I actually posted some Drak fanfiction once, or at least the first couple chapters of it. Maybe I'll post it here.
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