Most memorable RPG's

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Most memorable RPG's

Post by Roland »

List your most memorable and/or favorite RPG or RPG-type of games.

Here's mine, in no specific order:

1.) Drakkar (of course)
2.) Pool of Radiance on C64 (was the first RPG I ever played, absolutely loved it and played the whole series they put out)
3.) Questor on C64 (was fun, sorta had Drakkar-style of graphics , but much older)
4.) Final Fantasy series
5.) Dragon Warrior series on original Nintendo
6.) Zeldas
7.) Diable & Diablo2
8.) And that Mana something or other RPG from Super Nintendo, can't think of the name :(
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Post by Astra »

if were talking just CRPG not actual proper RPG games.
In no particular order apart from Baldur's Gate 2 being the best :)

1)Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal (simply the best game ever :D)
2)Baldur's Gate
3)Icewind Dale 2
5)Rings of Power (Megadrive/Genesis)
6)Zelda (on the snes i think was the one i liked)
7)Neverwinter Nights

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Post by Andramelk »

no order

seiken dentetsu 3
secret of mana
sword of mana
final fantasy tactics (best game ever)
breath of fire 3 an 4
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Post by Morgar »

In terms of multiplayer systems, no system, not even drakkar, has come close to the community which existed on the old Imagination Network's Yserbius. It is something I have looked for, and failed to find many many times since Yserbius vanished from the scene. Game wise yserbius was primitive and superficial and failed to build the depth of gameplay that games like drakkar have.

In terms of regular computer based RPG's, well start with the grandaddy of them and work up from there.;

Wizardy for the apple ][+
Dungeon Keeper
Baldur's Gate
Diablo I and II

There are probably a lot of others I've missed, but have played over the years, but these games (and yserbius) will always stand out in my mind.

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Post by Warpath »

Final Fantasy Series
Chrono Trigger
Diablo I and II
Dragon Warrior
Breath of Fire

There's probably a lot more but that is only a few that I want to list right now. :)

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Post by Yeti »

Dragon Warrior 1 and 3 <2 and 4 werent as good IMO> oh and 7, bought that for PS1 a while back, its pretty good.
Final Fantasy 1, 2, 3, 7, and Tactics <anything above 7 is just junk>
Phantasy Star Series <actually bought a Sega MegaDrive just to play PS1>
Shining Force <Shining in the darkness, SF1, SF2, and SFCD, rest of em are junk>
Secret of Mana <the SNES game roland couldnt think of>
ADOM <the crappy ASCII game, with a huge amount of game-play :D>
Elder Scrolls Series <most notably Arena, the first one, because it was the only game i know of at the time to offer such a non-linear game play style>
The Tactics ogre games <they were alot like ff tactics, just alot harder, hehe>
Breath of Fire 2-4 <never played 1..>
Legend of legaia... 1 and 2 <had a cool combat system>
Star Ocean series <havent played the newest one yet, cuz im poooooooor>

theres prolly more boxed rpgs, but this is all i can think of at the moment, hehe... as far as MMORPG only one i have ever really played and liked for more than a few months is Drak

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Post by Tirith »

I played alot of PS1 rpgs, so thats where my list will mostly come from :)

Final Fantasy 7 and Tactics (my favorite from the series)
Vandal Hearts (Similar to FF Tactics)
SaGa Frontier 1 and 2 (loved these)
BoF 1-4 are good and plenty of fun. (#5, Dragon Quarter sucked IMO)
There was one game i remember playing, was ALOT of fun, think it was called Xenogears where ya controlled huge machines in an rpg style, that was good.
Secret of Mana was good, i also played the PS1 sequal called Legend of Mana.
Chrono Trigger, this one owned.
Wild Arms, this one on the PS1, and Wild Arms 2, just bought Wild Arms 3 for ps2, looking forward to playing that.
Legend of Legaia was great, i did love the combat series of this, Just bought Legaia 2 as well.
and the Lufia series of RPGs on the SNES was good too.
oh and Legend of Dragoon on ps1, i have that stored away somewhere hehe

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Post by Kanak »

The good memories:

Ultima I - way back when the Apple II ruled the earth and before the evil EA fired, drew and quartered Lord British

Dungeon of Kesmai / Island of Kesmai - The real deal. Hey I can plug my computer into the phone and for only $6 to $12 an hour. Without it Drak would not be the game it is/was?;)

Legends of Kesmai - I'd still be there but it sunk

Kingdom of Drakkar -gotta say it or I wasted the last five years

The bad memories:

Stored at my ski cabin are assorted devices from past and present that connect to the TV. Amongst the boxes of cards, cartriges and CDs are only memories the I could have been skiing if it hand't been for a blizzard. Well perhaps FF7 but for the rest I'd rather play Pitfall Harry:p

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Post by Tristram »

I love RPG's. Everyone that posted has mentioned some great ones. I have played and enjoyed most of them. However, I don't think this series has been mentioned and it is one of my favorites:

Might and Magic.......especially M&M 7 ( M&M 9 was a bit of a let down though )
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Post by Talandar »

there are many games to list..if we going for CLASSICS..
id say..

Landstalker (Sega mastersystem)
Secret of mana (snes)
might & magic 8 (PC)
ulimta 8 pagan (PC)

they are the CLASSICS that id say are my favourites...there are buttloads when we move up systems to like playstation chrono trigger etc..but the classics never die:)..(expecually since i owe them all and their systems in my cuboard:P

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Post by Paragon »

"Online" games:

Island / Legend of Kesmai
Sanctuary / Sojourn
Mortal Conquest
Kingdom of Drakkar

"Platform" games:

Final Fantasy 6 / 7
Chrono Tigger / Cross
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Post by Brad »

Most Memorable:

Dungeons of/Island of kesmai (Dungeons was the C$S single player version)
Everquest ( pre luclin expansion )
( drakkar , have to say it or ive wasted the last FIFTEEN years ). haha

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Post by Mars »


Better check your calculator dude. By even the most conservative date we have 1988 which would be 16 and I think it was before then wasn't it? :-)

That being said. I'm a RGP rookie by most standards, I just don't play many. But:

1. Drakkar
2. Yserbius (yep, my first)
3. Dark Ages of Camelot
4. EQ (tho very briefly)
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Post by flisk »

Okay, I have to chime in with mine...

1) Zork - my dad introduced me to this one back on the commodore 64; without it I never would have gotten into my second most favoite RPG...

2) Dungeons & Dragons - yeah the old pencil and paper game, many a hour have been spent playing and running this game; i've followed it through all of it's incarnations from D&D to AD&D to D&D 3.5. Speaking of the number 3...

3) Ultima Series - Moonstones. Moongates. Avatar. Black Pearls. Spider Silk. 10 Virtues. Mantras. Shrines. Hythloth. Lord British. Lord Blackthorn. Dupre. Shamino. Iolo. Skara Brae. VERAMOCOR. Stones (the song). Magic Carpet. Shadowlords. Sandlewood Box. Need I say more?

4) Diablo 1 - many a nights were spent with some friends at a LAN playing this game; for nearly 3 months we ate; slept; and breathed this game, that is until my number 5 pick enveloped us all within it's grasp...

5) Kingdom of Drakkar - oh holy mackeral! Talk about loosing sleep night after night! I can remember haveing our network set up with 16 computers and most of them being full while we stayed up all night (and the noticing the sun was out and only taking a break long enough to run to McDonalds for a egg mcmuffin and a sprite; well and to go wee wee) playing this enthralling game. Adventures were had, quests were embarked upon, treasures were discovered, battles were fought, and victories were celebrated!

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Post by Rygar »

Most memorable online games for me were. Legends of Kesmai, Multi player battle tech solaris, Everquest before any expansions, dark ages of camelot "the first two months", EQ2 so far. Oh and getting my first character maxed in drakkar, not much else memorable yet. The top two games I enjoyed playing from begining to end, are LOK and mpbt solaris.

Mudflation or whatever they call it really drags down the everquests and daoc type games. Daoc really stunk up their game with a few of their expansions. Everquest lost the fun for me, when it became EverRaid.


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Post by Raki »

all Zeldas, FF, Mana and DRAGON WARRIOR :)

Yserbius LOK DRAK
Darkness Falls.. wasn't that great but damn.. I was addicted to that also

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Post by Stormwind »

One of the first "RPG's" I ever played was Tunnels of Doom on my old TI-99 4a. I remember hooking up a cassette recorder to load the tapes that held the game data :-)
It got me hooked and so is very memorable.
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Post by Procyon »

Secret of Mana, best game ever
--> [Procyon]

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Post by Migam »

Originally Posted by Stormwind
One of the first "RPG's" I ever played was Tunnels of Doom on my old TI-99 4a. I remember hooking up a cassette recorder to load the tapes that held the game data :-)
OMG, lol, I thought I was the only person to cut his baby RPG teeth on Tunnels of Doom! It was very addictive considering I've never seen anything like it before.

As for as online RPGs, I played Islands of Kesmai via Compuserve ($6.25/hr) on a VIC-20, with tapedrive at 300 baud. Woo hoo. Got crazy one month and played 15 hours (over $90). All Ascii graphics, text interface, auto-refresh to update ascii game window.

I played Ultima but got upset when on the last Virtue (Honesty for me), I mis-typed and payed the blind lady about 1% what she asked and, of course, with no re-load feature.... oh well. After that, many D&D and AD&D games, Might and Magic, Baldur's Date, Icewind Dale, Darkstone.

Somewhere in between, IOK comes back as Legends of Kesmai with an actual GUI on Compuserve (still $6.25/hr). When Gamestorm showed up accessing same LoK server at $9.95/month, I hid gear from Compuserve acct in water, made Gamestorm acct and equipped new chars, starting over at level 1 and gave Compuserve the boot.

Fondly recall my purchase of Mama scales in Pawn (unheard of), sadly recall doing UW quest for con and not realizing it wipe out my 2nd Knight's quest until I solo'ed Wendy and nothing happened. Spent last hours of game in Yeti's belly trying to solo it for the dagger to re-do that quest <sigh>. Enjoyed solving Snafu's contest (well, came the closest) on how to solo Shid's lair without getting hit once. Drop 3 tied daggers and each wave would land on hex, grab a dagger each and fumble while you killed them :D . Snafu turned in bug immediately after contest but I kept CGs. Went back later and did it for real :P .

Yep, good times... maybe the ghods of Kesmai will again return.
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Post by flisk »

I thought of another that really got me addicted for a while; Temple of Apshai Trilogy from Epyx games.
Bards Tale was another FAVORITE of mine.

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Post by Northview »

1a. Kingdom of Drakkar
1b. Final Fantasy 7
2. Final Fantasy 10
3a. Diablo 2
3b. Diablo 2 Expansion
4. Chrono Cross
5. Final Fantasy 8
6. Final Fantasy 9

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Post by Landros »

Just gona list the ones i wasted more then a year on each :)

Stellar Emperor
Legend of Kesemi
Kingdom of Drakkar


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Post by Concertor »

1: Final Fantasy 7
2: Final Fantasy Tactics + Drakkar +Ultima (all of the Ultima series :))
3: Legends of Kesmai (played it for like 3 wks then it sunk)
4: Legend of Zelda : Orcina of Time

By the Way, I found a new download of Legends of Kesmai, not many people play it and there are some commands that are missing that were in the first game, but still its LOK. All you LOK fans can find the download of it in LOKfriends in yahoo. Its about 4.98 megs

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Post by srflynn64 »

Ahh man, i not seen any mention of some of the real old classics!!!!

Anyone here remember on the Sinclair ZX-81 when there were things like THE HOBBIT

then the upgrade to the ZX 48k when they brought of Lord of the rings and such.
Things really started to hot up when the 128k came out.
i cant remember of hand the RPG games that could only be used on the 128k but im sure i got some about.

Saying that i still have the ZX81, 48k (soft pad KB) and the 128k+ in my loft

oh they were the days of playng a game that took 15 mins to load then it crashed before being able to save on a new blank TAPE

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Post by Bubolacteus »


1. Island/Legends of Kesmai - spent 14 years and $20k on that one. still have my screenshots of kesmai town and the entry dock from the day *AFTER* it shut down :)
2. Yserbius - until i spoiled it for meself using vitamin F..... never did get to the second part, under the volcano or something like that
3. bard's tale 1 and 2
4. Ultima 1 and 2.... but after the multi player aspects of IoK and yserbius, just never enjoyed the single player rpg's as much.....

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