Ideas for Events

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Ideas for Events

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Since you are asking for event ideas in the lobby. Here are some new ones and some of my previously posted ones:

  • The Pied Piper Event: A variation on the Betty quest. This one allows multiple animals to be led at the same time. You lead the queue back to the quester, "Pied Piper". (see "Forum Links" below for details)
  • The Traveling Circus Event: The circus has come to town. The quester, "Top Hat", transports you outside of town to the circus. It has attractions, games, vendors, and questers. (see "Forum Links" below for details)
  • Prismatic Plane Event: Allows you to see all four of your slots playing together at the same time. Does not matter which slot you enter the event with. Once you start the event, you are transported to a different server, and your other three slots appear and follow and defend you. The content of the event can be anything, since the purpose of this event is simply to have fun seeing all of your four slots playing together. (see "Forum Links" below for details)
  • May Flowers Event: The May flowers are in bloom. Scatter hostile flowering plants randomly across the map (ground level only?). Use your yellow boxing mouse thingy to detect and gather the flowering plant's blooms. The plants do not give up their flowers without a fight. You take, they attack. The questers will reward you with perm stats, or special brews with 100 ounces, or other. (see "Forum Links" below for details)
  • Rescue A Pet Event: "Pet" NPCs are scattered throughout the map/dungeon. You must find them, gain their trust, and lead them back to the town quester ("The Caregiver"). You gain their trust by feeding them, defending them, talking to them, petting them, whatever. Varied rewards are given, as you rescue more pets. Rewards could be by animal type rescued, like rescue 10 cats and you get +1 perm agility, and then rescue 10 dogs and you get +1 perm luck, etc. Rescue 100 pets and you get a medallion with an animal cut into it. This magical trinket has the "Rescuer" tier on it, which you cast on yourself (like the winter event Snow Globe). This "Rescuer" tier reduces NPC aggressiveness toward you, reduces their attack bonuses toward you, reduces their calming abilities (if you are zerked), and other hidden bonuses. Rescue 1000 (or 100 in the Primal Nork version) and you receive a final reward, the ability to cast the "Favored Memory" tier. This tier, which invokes the memory of your favorite animal rescues, will allow you to heal faster, have increased willpower against tiers/discs, etc. [Note: Mixing the ideas from this event with the next event would give birth to the "Adopt A Pet Event", where the pet is a service animal that helps/helped in the war.]
  • Care For A Veteran Event: "Veteran" NPCs are scattered throughout the map/dungeon. You must find, defend, and bandage them (or can lead them back to the town quester ("The General")). Varied rewards are given as you gain status (by bandaging or saving more and more veterans). The final reward is a "Veteran" tier, which calls an NPC to you - who will defend you for X number of rounds. The class of the veteran is random, but they are your size and have your level of gear. [Story Line: A new war has begun with an unknown foe. There are tales of random portals suddenly appearing and pouring forth hateful creatures. The war is going badly. Many veterans of the war have fallen. The wounded ones are not able to continue the fight, nor can they get back to town for resupplies. When you find a Veteran NPC and begin bandaging them (or leading them back to town), it is then that the enemy materializes; who then attack you, the veteran, and any other PCs/NPCs in view.]
Forum Links:

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Here are a couple event ideas that were embedded within my ungodly huge forum post (search for Hire or Pet):

viewtopic.php?f=127&t=8634&sid=163fddca ... 289#p54172

(where the pet or hire can be the reward, instead of costing you platinum coins as originally posted)

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