May Flowers?

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May Flowers?

Post by curiousredmonkey » Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:12 pm

I was thinking, what is the next event, now that the Easter event is over? The following is for Primal Nork events. It can be reduced for Alt2 Nork too.

"March Madness" brings to mind "May Flowers". And since there are so many different types of flowers dropping in Refuge (and so many in Nameless already), it seemed a natural fit for a primal event in the month of May.

Quester: The Florist
Quest: Similar to the Easter event.
Reward: A bouquet

  • Bring 20 different flowers to the Florist for the bouquet.
  • The bouquet can be eaten or traded.
  • Only 1 bouquet can be eaten per slot.
  • If eaten then you get a random stat increased: +1 stat or +100 hps or +100 eps)
  • If traded then find The Arranger NPC.
  • A secondary quester, The Arranger
  • If you find and trade with The Arranger then you will receive a "A wonderfully scented necklace. It is made from an assortment of flowers and stems. It brings calm with every breath. " If it is worn then it adds to your defense (and if possible lowers hostile's agro toward you). And if held in hand then it can be used like the Christmas snow globe (right mouse click it for usage). The necklace's usage casts a few prots like ES,ABS,AS (scaled to PSI skill level of the user - build up those psi skills non psi users!) and a +1 temp stat boost to charisma, luck, and agility (in keeping with the scented theme).
  • Eating just a flower also has the chance to give a random perm stat increase too. However, each flower only brings a 1% chance of a perm stat increase. But the more flowers eaten the greater the chance. Until 100 flowers is 100% guaranteed. Note that eating 20 flowers will often be enough, combinatorically speaking.
  • Only 4 random stat increases, by eating a flower, will occur per event.
  • Flower drops can remain as they currently are (by random NPCs), so no scarcity. This means that the event can be fast for some and plodding for others; it just depends on the time they have available.
  • A one to two week event, that gives everyone time to earn most/all of the rewards. Note that there is more to do as more questers come online - see the Advanced section below)
On average, 120 flowers produces all the rewards above.
The bouquet coupled with flower eating makes 5 random stat increases possible per event.

Additional questers can be implemented now or in the coming years..
  • The Distiller: Allows the player more control over the stat increases. Awards you a bottle, "...filled with the distilled essence of many primal flowers". Access is granted once the first bouquet is awarded by the The Florist.
    • 1 bouquet or 30 individual flowers gives the first bottle, so it is still valuable to visit The Florist; saves 10 flowers on each trade.
    • The second bottle costs 2 bouquets or 60 flowers, and so on.
    • Drink the bottle for a class +1 stat increase (barb->str, thief->agil, etc.) and +50 points (eps or hps)
    • Only 3 bottles can be drunk per slot per event (each slot gets its chance).
    • You can trade for a 4th bottle on the slot, but cannot drink it. It will be used when the next questor The Perfumer comes online.
  • The Perfumer: Allows the player even more powerful rewards, if they can be patient. Awards you a vial, "...filled with the perfumed distillation of primal life." Access is granted once the first bottle is awarded by the The Distiller.
    • Turn in 4 of the bottles from The Distiller's (takes 80-320 flowers depending on what you did above), for either of the following rewards
    • A vial that gives class +4 perm stat (barb->str, thief->agil, ...) and +200 points (eps for psi types and hits for all others), or
    • A powerful gear item (2nd earring slot?).
    • Only 1 trade per slot per event.
  • New content (independent of The Distiller and The Perfumer): Uses the bouquet for access to new content only accessible during the event in Primal Nork.
    • The Undertaker rewards you with access to The Underworld scenario,
    • The Wedding Planner rewards you with access to the Are You Sure scenario,
    • etc.
I will have to graph out the costs and rewards to make sure that I did the math correctly. And I will do that if I am involved in the implementation, to ensure completeness. I would be happy to do the coding if you supply your tools or coding requirements.

Also, note that there are other May events that inspire: Cinco de Mayo (themed), Memorial Day (past heroes), etc.

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