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Current Game Version & FAQ'S Links

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Having returned after another lengthy hiatus, I went to to see if I could determine if I have the current version of the game.

Any chance something could be added (and kept up-to-date) down near the **Download Drakkar** link that would state what the current version of the game is along with brief instructions on how to check which version we have installed already? This returning noob is wondering if he should download/install whatever is available on the website.

-Or- If downloading/installing doesn't mess with existing settings/macros/etc, maybe it's good habit to do this occasionally. If so, maybe some sort of statement along these lines could be added to that page.

-Or2- If the game doesn't function at all without the most current version, that would be good to know.
(no memory of how that works, obviously)

Also, my next stop was and none of those links work (using Firefox in Win7). Edit: Looks like links are now functional.


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