Account button doesn't work (Solution)

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Account button doesn't work (Solution)

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Several players have mentioned problems where clicking the account button on the lobby does nothing. This prevents them from being able to reach the account page.

Here is a solution for the most likely cause of this problem;

Internet Explorer 7:
1. Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Programs
2. Make sure there is a check mark where IE checks if it is the default browser. If there is not, check it.
3. If there is a check mark there already, uncheck it and click ok. Then go back and recheck it, click ok.
4. Close IE and re-open it. If IE says that it is not the default browser, tell it you would like to make it the default browser.
5. Close IE, launch the lobby and click the account button. It should work.

This should work for any browser currently in use, the steps and locations of the various flags may differ. The problem typically is caused by users who 'try' different browsers and then delete them, never properly resetting the active browser as the new default due to conflicts between browser settings.

Hope this helps!
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Account button doesnt work Solution

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Update the firmware to the latest version, and try resetting the trigger settings to the correct kit configuration.

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