Looking for a Guild or Group to join

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Looking for a Guild or Group to join

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As the title says I am looking for some people to hunt/lair/share info with. My Forum name, Account name, and Main Character name are all Kvasir. I started playing Drakkar in 1995 and played until 1999. I came back and played from 2002 to 2007. I joined back up roughly a month ago. I have 2 plat accounts. My main is a 50/27 barb. He was 30/22 when I came back a month ago and I raised him up until I hit a wall (not getting exp anymore). I am the kind of person that would be happy to play my characters to 100 solo if the game allowed, but that doesn't seem possible. I would like to find some like minded people that enjoy playing Drakkar, and help each other out when more than one is needed to acquire gear, and share info to get the most out of the game. I am not looking for someone to hold my hand or powerlevel me through the game. I play 6-8 hours a day on average.

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Re: Looking for a Guild or Group to join

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Most of the guilds have a channel on the starlink.org irc server. If you don't have or don't want to dl a irc client you can use the following link for a web chat version it will take you to #wolf which is the home of The Wolf Guild. www.starlink.org/wolf.php There is usually someone around to answer questions or help you out if needed.

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