MoY Guild

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MoY Guild

Post by Chimera »

Hello everyone, i would first like to say that I have been the leader of MoY for a couple of months now, and i have been debating on whether to start up the guild again. I have decided that i would like to, so i am accepting applications. Please Email the Following information to
1) DZ Name
3)Years Playing
4)Anything I should know about you :)

I will hopefully try to get everything running smoothly within a few months. Thank you for your time.

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Re: MoY Guild

Post by Terl »

Hi my IEN/DZ Name is Terl
my main crit is Terl lvl 18 F/M skill 14 ment, 13 thrown weapons and 9 MA
I have been playing Terl since it was IEN off and on. He is already tagged MoY as is my MA Fenris (lvl 1)
I have played with MoY in EQ and WoW and am a guild officer in both those games though I am not currently playing WoW and have not played EQ in years.
I am Simeon 55 druid from EQ and Quentice 70 Rogue from WoW.

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Re: MoY Guild

Post by Acoustic »

Is this guild still going?? I Joined MoY like 5 years ago and am thinking about playing again

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