Want a new Guild??

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Want a new Guild??

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The following steps are needed for guild creation

1. 4 Pay accounts
2. None of these accounts can have any other slot/crit tagged in another guild
3. New guild name is a maximum of 4 letters, Abbreviations must be explained.

Once the requester (only 1 player) has the above information, email Mars@drakkarzone.com and include all the info:

1. Guild name and meaning
2. 4 account names
3. crit names of the 2 (and only 2) taggers.

Once I have the above, I will begin the process. It normally takes 1-3 days. Please do not keep PMing me in lobby asking for status. I will email when the guild is ready to set up a day/time for tags. Please respond to the email quickly as the process is waiting on you. This can not be done via PM in the lobby. I use the email for record keeping purposes.

Tagging will take place in Alt2 portals, ALL 4 accounts must be present. I will tag the 2 "leaders" who will each in turn tag one of the other 2. This way we all know the tagging works.

REMINDER: Failure to maintain 4 pay accounts in the guild can result in removal of tags from all members. If this occurs, you must have 4 accounts to get tags back.