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random questions

Post by skaarsonofhulk »

first off, i apologize, not all of these are "nork" related, but some are, and i have posted the most in this area of forums so figured i should stick to my zone haha.
1. cross over skills. so running 2 accounts( mains being a 20/18+2 GS pally, 19/17/10 thief, 10 MA, 9 staff, Ment) i have managed to gain skill 7 in both ment and healer on my pally some how, yet no gain on ment in GS from the pallies skilling. can anyone tell me why the crossover skilling is only 1 way, and if there is any relevance at all to it?
2. new AC changes and skills adjusted accordingly. so from my understanding atleast, and please correct me if im wrong, but with the new AC changes your entire "hitable" reference is no longer based mainly on your armor, but upon your armor, skills, attributes( agi mainly here for the "to miss" percentage) and enemies to hit percentage. the final 3 being the exact reason i skilled MA/thief/staff on ment. yet i do not seem to notice any difference(especially thief, at skill 10 i cant hide on hex in n1, even with 24 agi from improved bnrs), can someone tell me if this is the case, and if so what skill level i will start to notice a difference in these categories?
3. shield differences. i remember on paid when they first came out, the double baskie was often referred to as the best pre cob shield, but from my own research the only difference between it and bresh is the base "+" , can someone tell me if this is infact the case? and if so which is better, a +6 bresh or a +5 double baskie? while on that, what exactly is the meaning of the "+"? i know for the X/X items, the first X is + offense, and second is + defense, but im guessing the standard +'s are different as you can find 1/1-5/5's in nork, and if they were the same wouldnt those just be +1-+5?
4. 0/6 rings. i know they are available in alt 1, but have heard different areas, km5(which i am far to small to survive) and km4, which the pally can take 4-6 crits at a time in depending on the amount of stunners/minolords. can someone with them please verify where they found them? and if anyone happens to find one they are not in need of, please notify me if im on (DZ's are Tankosaurus/Skaar)
5. Neo marcus hammer. main is pally on this account, and he got both warden hearts when getting xcalli, however i still have the other heart, and have a 18/14(mace)/9(thrown) barb. can anyone please give me the stats on neo hammer, stats compared to improved BNR hammer, and whether either with the aoe effect is worth it in comparison to a +8 smasher? especially in the exping aspect, as generally thats when aoe becomes a valueable asset.
6. deplete trainer. im hoping someone will respond in lobby before i need this info on forums, but my ment has just reached skill 17, but for the life of me i cant remember where deplete trainer is located, can some please explain how to get there? i remember its in frore, but nothing more past that.

i thank you in advance for any information anyone can give, i will post more questions i have in this topic should i come up with more

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Re: random questions

Post by Merlin »

The deplete trainer for ment is below frore, near fate card seller if I remember correctly.
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Re: random questions

Post by Sixgun »

above black dragon lair, seems a ment place for me.

inside the black dragon lair. who else but a paladin would venture there? :mrgreen:

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