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Title: NoUse

Quick Shadow

Post by Sneekydude »

I really enjoy this quirk. This has given us new light.
I like the fact I can combine it with my second throw to trigger it.
I am curious why the quick shadow is only triggered on hex when using throw?
Backstab is a reach attack like charge. We jump to them.
Why does this not work with throw????
I love to help on lairs but I can not stand on hex the whole time.
I am not asking to make backstabs happen across screen but I would like to have quick shadow trigger with throw regardless of I am on hex or not.

I am a thief I like to stand by the wall.
Randomly jumping to target while throwing would give us not only more damage to give in partys.
Return us back to our hide/backstab/ run away game play!
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Re: Quick Shadow

Post by poodoo »

howdy Sneekydude ;)
Just having made a new thief, I'm in agreement with you. Should be able to land a BS while throwing at an opponent that's off hex.

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Re: Quick Shadow

Post by Migam »

That means Dozens and Razorblades would trigger QS offhex too which wouldn't suck since you have to wait 40 and 50 rounds to use it again. Making those party friendly at some skill or with a quirk or new tier wouldn't suck either.

My thief just farms stuff hidden for other crits or guild or parks in party near so my barb can gain Leadership points and sometimes get a party QS . Since there is no highlevel Venom tier, my most damage per round per crit is about 6600 with triple tiers. It gains the most solo only cause it hides and tiers but can't really help on major hunts, not even with dp recovery in sdc3. It's like bitesized. No prots, no buffs. Being able to use PL in a solo party would help at least with some things. Can't backstab and live any place tough with crap hp, bad hp regen, tons of EC in gnomes and solo caves and meadows?... ha. I have 2 in crystal resistance quirks and can't live with anything else to do the same... what is it even good for?

Have to grow sk40 in a weap to hide with it instead of sk40 in thievery being enough to allow me to hide with any weap? Just so I can use attack or charge if it's someplace that won't land me on a hex that breaks hide. Why even hold a non-agi/str weap then?
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