Some thief questions or updates

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Some thief questions or updates

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Good afternoon folks,

Although these forums seem like a ghost town, I thought I would try for a bit of help/information.

I am a returning player who played from about 93-99 just never a thief.

I am playing over on C-Nork and liking it. Mostly so I would not be handed out "freebie" gear but I have some questions I am hoping one of you long time thieves can answer. I am currently a level 1 skill 13 thief (using bows). I have no real gear to speak of...working on skill first.

1. I read in one of the few guides I could find (it was from 2002) that staying level one on nork -1 until something like skill 15 was the best way to max gains. Maybe that is rumor but I am following it. Is this true, better gains at level 1 on nork-1 just chain stealing/backstabbing? I dont use many if any of my "skills" that take Hp cause my HPs are crap at level one.

2. What skill should I shoot for to be able to do things like lairs while hidden? I am shooting for both looting (Multi-lair in particular) and killing (RD upwards to Slith and such). The decade old guides I found mostly say skill 15 minimum but I am hoping someone has a better break down or at least something current.

3. I play the thief mostly solo and enjoy it, but I can't help wondering if I could be doing it better/faster. Are there current guides I should be reading or a forum with information that is "modern". I have been referencing Roar, tantheus(spelling?) and Olive Loaf now.

4. Any pointers would be great. Gear I can shoot for solo, hints, tips, etc.

Thanks in advance for information.

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