Couple of questions

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Couple of questions

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Hello. Ive been playing this game on and off for over 10 years. I played on a free account for about a week, until I realized the restrictions were still in effect, so I fired up my old account (barb only 32/25 atm). Decided to start playing my rogue for a bit(only a baby at 1(10)/10 atm and have a couple questions. Its hard to find sites with any information anymore, unfortunately.

1) Is mug damage based off of MA skill? or is it based off of something else?
2) Is there a mug macro like the "drop left; steal from" that can make it easier to do?
3) I remember reading something long ago about thieves boosting skill gain for everyone in a party (since to gain skill they wouldnt be contributing much). Am I correct here?

Thanks for any help

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Re: Couple of questions

Post by nunnbt473 »

I do realize this is an old post, but for new thieves this information is worth while all the same.

1. I have NOT seen mug damage effected by MA skill. Infact as I recall gauntlets do NOT effect damage. Thief skill does NOT effect damage. For all practical purposes, mug doesn't inflict damage. The only reason I can see for it inflicting damage at all is that it may cause more aggression than a steal because of a minor HP loss (about 2 HP)

2. Not that I know of. As you said, drop left; steal from or mug are your two options and I find that mug is usually better skill once you hit around 10-12. I would mug my way up to the point of chain backstab.

3. I havn't tested this in a long time, so I have no idea how alt 2 vs alt 1 is different. Partying with a thief does tend to give a boost to gains when within the appropriate distance. Partying with yourself/by yourself has no effect even when it comes to backstabbing.

I would use drop left;steal from to get to skill 10. Steal till empty, then kill. I cannot remember (and thus could be entirely wrong on this), but as memory serves stealing from something you have 0% chance of success yields no skill. Stealing from something and failing does give skill if there is a chance of success though. Some guides recommend stealing 10x then killing, personally I recommend stealing till empty then killing given the size of spawns/respawns.

Hiding while taking action can boost hide gains a bit so it may be worthwhile to hide while holding something like a GS (not hally because you cant belt it) so they see you, but you still get any bonuses that might be yielded by hiding.

Traps can yield a reasonable amount of skill around 10-12, but the only place this is practical is 3.5 new RB and ghost IMHO because of the limited supply of traps and cost of coin.
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Re: Couple of questions

Post by Wolverine2 »

I've seen traps give skill... but using them to skill up as you are talking about is quite absurd it seems. Traps do not cost that much at all...and limited traps? What in the world? No vendor items is "limited"

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