Thief Levelling

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Thief Levelling

Post by Tanuvien »

With the new changes in the game, preventing leeching and such, I was wanting to ask the more experienced players what the best/fastest way to level and skill is. And where is the best/fastest way to level and skill?

Im 19/16 thief, 16 shortsword, 11 throw, 11 MA.

Because of my schedule, I will be doing most of my skilling/levelling solo. And this is my biggest character, so I dont have any bigger characters to coin/assist with.

I do have Gold Plan and UGH on this character. I have access to ClubHouse, but not to Conquerers Club yet.

Thank you for all your time and advice.

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Re: Thief Levelling

Post by Merlin »

undead city, a throwing theif can do pretty well here.

You might have to focus on the non MA critters to get your skill up a bit.
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Re: Thief Levelling

Post by Quaternion »

I liked sewers past doom town for solo play.

I assume the fastest way to skill/exp remain somewhat similar to before the changes which is to kill in party. If you have a friend who is a ment then burning in arun secret is probably the fastest exp. If I remember correctly the full regen and dragging took around six minutes to allow a burn which would give a couple of meg exp. This can be increased in other ways too. As for skill I assume a good pillars party is best.

Regarding throw as Merlin mentioned, a ranged skill is very important now for a thief. While chain backstab is fun on low level enemies at higher levels backstab becomes too dangerous as should it fail to kill and you reveal to be killed instantly.

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