Dion and Willpower

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Dion and Willpower

Post by tomodachi »

Good morning folks,

Yet another Paladin question for you vets.

I am curious how to best max my willpower using Dion. Should I drop alignment to lose the +2 will from class bonus...then max to 21 with wil pots, 23 with dion (assuming everything works perfectly heh) then atone back for max willpower?

Will the Paladin class bonus to willpower take me from 23 to 25 or is it hard coded to only go from 19 to 21? Not sure if all the bother is even worth it, 23 or 25 willpower might not even be enough of a difference for the work.

Will Timmy quest go all way back to G/G ?


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Re: Dion and Willpower

Post by Merlin »

its possible to get 25 using the method you mentioned.
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Re: Dion and Willpower

Post by Terrel »

There used to be a significant difference between 23 and 25 in a stat. Probably still is, particularly at lower levels.

I'd recommend doing as you say and taking it to 25. Atones are easy to come by.

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