The Weapons and Armor of the Knight

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The Weapons and Armor of the Knight

Post by ZhouYu »

I thought it might be nice to include information about the weapons a paladin can use. I can only write for a few weapon types, and then only for Nork ones. If anyone would like to add to this (for maces, Cob weapons, NL weapons, and the like), I would appreciate it. Also, examples of what a paladin should have at what level would be nice. I would also like it if someone included some info on Hag Plate.

A paladin has a wide array of weapons to choose from. It is advised that, for most weapon types that a paladin chooses, they should have some rank in Longsword usage. I also build up my martial skill. Just in case. I can only write for three weapons, but I shall do my best to cover them. Keep in mind that these are all for NORK ONLY:


Can hit from one hex away (huge!)
Strong hits
No good Nork hally ties/easy to get access to stronger halberds
All but storebought ones are silver
Good blocking weapon

No Pweapon hally
Can never belt any halberd
Can not use shields

The halberd is my personal favorite weapon for a paladin because of its ability to hit one hex away. Against all but the charging crits, this means that I can safely hunt many areas and take little or no damage. I also like the blocking abilities of it, and the fact that many people are willing to hand a halberd down to a newbie that's a mino or even one of the giant halberds.


Strong hits
Decent blocker

No Pweapon GS
No silver GS
Cannot belt Bisentos
No shield

I am new to the realm of the Greatsword, but I have so far found it to be a pretty good weapon. It blocks well and does a good amount of damage. That's all I know! I swear!


Can use a shield!
Silver Sabre is a silver Pweapon
Silver Sabre does quite a lot of damage

Not too many LS's out there that at the beginning that are good
Cannot immediately heal (must belt either the sword or shield)

I really prefer longswords for barbarians because of their ability to auto-heal. I know, I know. Longswords are a great paladin weapon, but I don't personally like them, mostly because of the difficulty in getting a really good one at low levels. The longswords out there don't seem to do a whole lot in the way of hitting things when you start out as compared to halberds and greatswords. This is my experience and my opinion only. Others may differ. Still, if you can hand a slicer down to a new paladin or if you don't mind sticking with the VT LS for a dozen and a half levels or so, then by all means, wield the longsword. It is one of the better choices, IMO.


I write for armor as if you are getting help for it. I don't think it's too difficult for people to get someone a Lg Yeti, and most people are very willing to do it, from what I've seen (and done myself):

Beginner's armor (lvls 1-13): Lg Yeti

This armor is very nice, and is actually useful in many areas (such as when you are getting your first SER or when you're visiting a place like Acid Caves for the first time). It halves all damage from any form of energy, including psionic, ice, fire, acid, and lightning. I'm unclear as to whether or not it halves EC damage, but I think that it does.

Level 14: SD scales

With the level requirements in place, a person can no longer buy SD scales (or get them from a friend) at lower levels. Still, I feel that SD scales are an important step. They block combat strikes much better than a Lg Yeti does, and provide a means to bring fire, ice, and lightning damage down to 0 when your robes, bracers, etc do not (Lg Yeti halves them after all other reduction is calculated. If you would get dealt 150 fire damage and you're wearing a Lg Yeti and two yellow robes, you would instead take 25 damage. SD scales would cause you to take 0, even with just one yellow). Additionally, if you ever decide to make a ment or healer, SD scales can be passed on to them and are great for them until they can get Mama RD scales. Feel free to skip this step if you believe you don't need them. ;)

Level 15-?: Full Plate

For this one, you are very much going to need help if you plan to get FP at level 15. FP is amazing armor. It provides protection from fire and ice, gives combat adds (either 3/3 or 5/5. I believe it's 3/3) AND provides 35 points of energyshield. That means that combat damage dealt to you from any particular source is reduced by 35, down to a minimum of zero. In some areas, they can no longer deal damage to you now. In others, their ability to is severly crippled. If you're a level 15 paladin and you don't have FP, then you really need to get on that. It's very important armor.

Level ?: Hag Plate

Don't know much about Hag Plate. Hoping to edit this with info soon.


Low levels: Wooden

If you for some reason cannot get a green shield, then a wooden shield from VT will be your only option for the first few levels. It actually blocks fairly well, but not nearly as well as other shields.

ASAP: Green

Green shields aren't too hard to get. Go SE of Maeling until you see an NPC with a green shield, then lead it back to town. Let the townies kill it and loot your shield. This also works SE of Frore. Green shields make you nearly unhittable for most of the things you'll be taking on below level 8. After that, they'll hit you, but not nearly so much as without a shield.

As soon as you can get it: Baskie

OK, now we get into the really good shields. Baskie shields will require you to get someone to kill the baskie for you (don't even think of taking him on before 18/15 with really good protstun... and even then I die on him as many times as not), but you will get a shield that's very superior to the green shield. Now get a second one. If you aren't on a paid account yet, you really should be.

And now: Improved Baskie

The improved basilisk shield is the best I've seen. It COMES WITH defensive adds and blocks incredibly well. With an improved baskie, you don't have to worry about getting hit so much.

Well, that's all, folks! I hope to include other shields soon, and I hope someone will be kind enough to submit info on maces, Cob weapons, NL weapons, and armor for the other scenarios. I realize that this isn't too well written, but I'm fairly sure it's better than anything that was on here before. Once again, these are my experiences with these weapons, armor, and shields, and ONLY IN NORK. Your opinions may differ.

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Re: The Weapons and Armor of the Knight

Post by vincent1 »

I am very interested with the long sword... How I wish I could own a long sword as my weapon.

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Re: The Weapons and Armor of the Knight

Post by Cobra »

There are actually two silver GS in nork, both of which will take you some time to get though. You will probably be either in cob by that time, or right on the brink and grinding aleria or someplace for xp to get to cob. If the ogrelord bisento is not evil aligned(can't remember) you'll probably be running around with that for a good long time until you can nab a seldari or slicer.

If I can recall(~13 years ago), the storebought LS from VT is good until you can get a griffy LS, even then it might be close on the damage. Griffy LS is silver of course, but the storebought is easily replaceable. Once you can land a slicer, you'll use that for everything other than needing silver. Saber of course is the top, and you'll use that unless you need proning for a lair, which is a thing of the past I believe anyway.

Halberds are easy, use the store bought in nork until you can kill a mino to get the +4. To get an early +4, kill an archer in VT and use his bow to kill a mino at any lvl that you can hit, since the mino doesn't charge, you'll never be hit. Also works well once you have a +4 hally to continue to kill minos with dancing to build up your supply and never get hit in the process.

Hag plate from what I recall (~9 years ago) is 6/6 or +6, has better ES than FP, and blocks better, but someone will have to sense to double check the adds.

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Re: The Weapons and Armor of the Knight

Post by Quaternion »

Thanks to members of my guild I have had the opportunity to play maxed (78/39) pallies of the gs, halberd and ls variety. It seems to me that at that size the damage, with boosts, that each pally does is fairly similar. The off hex hitting of halberd always remains nice but in terms of defense - with quirks like shield mastery the ls pally with medusa by far gets hit the least. The GS pally has next best defence and finally halberd.

If end game is your goal perhaps this information will guide your choice.

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