Healer spells

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Healer spells

Post by Manapua »

Hello folks,

I reached skill 18 on my healer and got Powerword (heal,stun and death) and Aid. The few healer disc lists I have found say I should have gotten the Pword spells spread out on 18,19 and 20th skill level. Since I have them now, what exactly do I get at 19 and 20 skill?


Why doesnt the game come with at least this kind of basic information in an online form? Kinda basic information, what spells do I get and when, that everyone should know.

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Re: Healer spells

Post by Migam »

Then you got all that you will get for up to sk20.

I forget if I waited for 19 and 20 for the 2nd and 3rd, that was years ago. But what the fansites show was how it always was. Not sure when this changed to get all at sk18 but woot!
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Re: Healer spells

Post by Irin »

Even tho he got powerword, he can still only cast stun and see a result at skill 18. Casting death and heal will drain the eps with no effect until he has the correct skill.

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