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Re: f/m issues

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Brad wrote:Hmm im not sure how haste would make you attack SLOWER in fast alts??

All haste does is allow you to enter two commands every time your are eligible.

But, in a fast alt, there is no delay between the commands.

Are you sure its making you attack SLOWER? or are you just not seeing an INCREASE? ( since in a fast alt you can run as many commands as can get processed .. i can see the no increase thing )
No, it was as I said. Haste made the target run at normal speed in a fast alt. It was night and day, I ran at NL speed in Ccob if hasted.

I tested it and it does work now! Hasted is the same as non-hasted in fast alt now. I didn't really care about going faster; all I wanted it to do was to stop slowing down when I used PD or hit haste in error so yay!

There is a small difference between hasted and not hasted still. If you spam a command (in this cause I used ES), it will form 5 times then there is a round of nothing then it does 5 more, etc. This also happens when I use charge and attack a zoo. This is how it's been before and I think it used to be 8 rounds then pause (maybe still is in slow alts?).

Now when I do haste in the fast alt, there is no lost round, it keeps forming and hitting continuously. So you could say if I'm getting 6 rounds worth of action in 6 rounds when I used to get 5, it increases my actions by 20%. Cool.
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