Extra Swings Are Random Now?

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Extra Swings Are Random Now?

Post by Cobra »

I've been away for a while so this might have been discussed somewhere. Where did the 100% extra swings at 20/20 enhanced rage go?

At lvl 82, I might get get a 5th swing every now and again. Rarely do I see a 6th, and I don't recall seeing a 7th tonight. I understand with the changes to meadows not being auto-hit that riposte was changed. But why on earth did the post-50 scaling take a hit? We're back to hitting one mob again with riposte the way it is, and now we're doing it just a little better than at lvl 25?

Can this be looked into again since riposte has been nerfed?


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Re: Extra Swings Are Random Now?

Post by Skip »

Here's my take on the Barb twists....

Ya get them at level 55, then another at 65, another at 75, another at 85.

Averages out that ya get a chance for your twist(s) around 50% of the time... then when you do get a "twist" round - at lev 82 - you'd be rolling a 3 sided die to determine how many twists you attempt.

Really nice when ya hit the bonanza at lev 85 and get that 1 round in 8 where ya see all 4 twists, and even rarer when ya see all 4 of the quad HITS, and all 4 twists HIT for damage.

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Re: Extra Swings Are Random Now?

Post by Poldarn »

Not to be a dick, cobra, but barbs are really broken as is.do you really think they need more offensive power? If so, please justify your reasoning. I'm a barb main and have been since 2002, but these days, so is everybody else... because of how stupidly good they have become.

Just my .02

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