repeated dezerk makes no sense

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repeated dezerk makes no sense

Post by Skip »

What's with the super dezerk stuff in sdc3?

Thought it was bad enuf in sdc2.

And lemme see if i got this right... Advanced skill Barbs get more zerk ahead rounds twice, post sk 35.... but those clowns in sdc can still dezerk you immediately from froth, regardless of how many rounds zerked ahead.

What's next? Healer's not being able to heal every round, or Pally's unable to use focus every round?

Please reconsider this whole de-zerk concept; it's flat out no fun.

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Re: repeated dezerk makes no sense

Post by Tirith »

I agree, it seems the dezerk is overboard in sdc3 and needs to be toned down alot.. its bad on barbs WITH max calm resistance, so obviously its horrible on those without.

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Re: repeated dezerk makes no sense

Post by Serefin »

I agree on this, the dezerk up in meadows is rough, sometimes I have to sit there and spam Zerk until the crits start getting lower and running from riposte. At sk40 with 20/20 in calm I've ran in and been dezerked completely in 5-6 rounds from full. Friends barbs without 20/20 calm resistance is even worse. Hunting with deo up there, even in a group, he had to do nothing but spam zerk pretty much the whole time we were hunting.

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Re: repeated dezerk makes no sense

Post by Brad »

I'm working through some fixes and adjustments to barbs now. When i tuned them i threw a few things out of wack.

I'm also removing most of the CALM in the meadows.

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