Lame NL left hand axe

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Lame NL left hand axe

Post by Skip »

Pretty sad that the Barb class, left hand axe only inflicts damage when using it in Left hand during basic "attack" approx 33% of the time.

Does not swing for damage at all while in Left Hand on "charge", or berserk out of control rounds, and guessing the same for riposte's.

Would be nice if the left hand axe became a viable weapon, rather than a gag prize.

~ Buzz / Skip__KAM ~

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Re: Lame NL left hand axe

Post by WabbitMonster »

Im glad to see that someones realized this. I either cant be bothered to keep looking at the scroll due to all the screaming the barb does when fully zerked to see if the off hand axe even hits. I guess i can put that back into the locker till something either is done to change this. or maybe it wont ever be changed.

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