The Long Climb

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The Long Climb

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Hi all

I was sitting around today bored and started wondering how many of my fellow barbs has made the long climb to 75/35. I am still a long ways away from the top of the mountain at 64/34. If you have or know of a barb that has made the trip past or present please let me know. I would really like to know the barbs I am going to see at the top when I get there myself. Im not worried about the first or fastest, just who had the legs to make the trip.

thx Darkaxe

List from A to Z

1. Bullseye
2. Buzz__Kam
3. Cobra
4. Crusher
5. Cyric
6. Darkair__Kam
7. Flint__Wolf
8. Guillotine
9. Merlin
10. Stalker

Thx for all the names. I'll add new names to the list as they are posted.
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you wont see them, they all quit :-P anyways, ill tell ya those i know of

Crusher, Cobra, Merlin,
there are several others

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either quit or taking a break

but a couple of others: Stalker, Cyric
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well youll be seeing me there


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And, between the two of them in a party I was always *clicking* off those darn barb cries!
*Steals Darkair's saber and hides it in Zt's lockers* muhahaha :p
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Melrin, Bullseye.
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Re: The Long Climb

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