Nameless Bug

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Nameless Bug

Post by Mars »

We are very aware of the issue where you are losing stats and/or access to parts of Nameless.
When this occurs, please email and include the following information.
1. Account name
2. Slot and crit name
3. What were you doing when it occurred.
4. Date and time the issue occurred (was first noticed)
5. Diplomat stats
6. Exactly what on your crit has changed.

Brad is working hard on finding what is causing this to occur. We apologize for any inconvience to your characters and will restore them as soon as possible.
Sending PMs in lobby or mentioning in lobby will not work, this request must be emailed.

Thanks for your understanding

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Re: Nameless Bug

Post by Ken »

Just in case if anyone is unaware, the command to check the diplomat stats is "diplomat, info"

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