Spontaneous Combustion and Critical Poison

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Title: The Raging Storm

Spontaneous Combustion and Critical Poison

Post by Darge »

Spontaneous Combustion currently affects Firestorm and Fire Blood. Since this quirk is lvl 40 to purchase, I propose that it should no longer affect Firestorm and instead affect Cold Fusion. Then just change the quirk name to something like "Elemental Spontaneity ."

The reason for this is that at lvl 40, firestorm has lost most of it's usefulness in hunting, due to level based saves, and solo-healer unfriendly hunting areas.

Critical Poison affects poison based disks only. Here, I propose that it should also affect disease based disks, thus being able to affect Hemorrhagic Fever.

The reason for this is that the Poison disk also loses its usefulness over time, and that when Hemorrhagic Fever was originally Hemorrhagic Contagion, it dealt fire damage. This would seem to indicate that you (brad) had intended to let it be affected by Spontaneous Combustion, but due to many enemies having fire resistance, it was changed to a disease base at player suggestion.
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Re: Spontaneous Combustion and Critical Poison

Post by Athena »


Please take a look at this Brad. Thank you.
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Re: Spontaneous Combustion and Critical Poison

Post by seiyria »

Yes please. With sunburst, dealing fire(storm) damage is not so bad but now Critical Poison is just bad. I never use my other dots (fire blood, cold fusion, hem fever) because they do such little damage that it's not even worth it. If these quirks would increase the base damage and also add a chance of crits, I think they would see more use.

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