Quirk gains/losses

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Quirk gains/losses

Post by Brad »

Guys, we are currently working through a solution for the people who had their quirks messed up during the early days. This includes people who are no longer gaining quirks because they have "too many" already spent due to the bug.

We are working on a general solution, so there is no need to email us asking why you arent gaining quirks.

I hope to have a solution by early next week.

Because of the volume, we won't be responding to "Why am i not gaining" emails until after the solution is implemented.

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Post by Spiderbyte »

Thanks for the update Brad
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Post by Ztinktoof »

Gold Plan but no guild house on my barbarian.

At level 19 the display shows 100 of 47 max spent. I have spent 100 qp. I have played for many hours and have not gotten any more qps.

Bugged? At max? Can we have some info on the effect of UGH and LGH on max and gains so we can have some clue if the system is broken?
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Post by Darge »

The way the system works currently is that you can gain quirk points beyond your max as long as you dont spend them and are not already at the max. Ie, you have 95/100 qp, you can gain 'floating' qp beyond 100 up to the floating qp max (50?) until you spend 5+ qp, which would put you at your max and unable to gain anymore until you level up.

So basically, you can't gain anymore qp because you are beyond already beyond the max for your level.

Btw, level 19 (or 20, I forget which) qp max WITH ugh is 100.
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Post by Stormwind »

Level 20 Gold and UGH is 100.

And the cap which you stop gaining quirks at is 51.

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