The Promise Of A Fal

Fan Fiction about Drakkar
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The Promise Of A Fal

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Promise of a Fallen Angel Book I: Embers Falling on Dry Grass
Prologue – Everything has a Beginning

It was an ordinary night for Sir Nathan Highwind. Nathan during his prime was one of the most well known knights in Cobrahn. In a world filled with knights, he had stood out from the rest. The ferocity he showed in battle was unmatched; his loyalty to his guild, and most importantly to his King was unquestionable. That was why it was so painful for him to walk away from the battle, from his duty, and from his life.

Nature followed its course. As he grew older, the will to fight waned, along with his skills. For no matter how hard a man trains, or how hard he tries to sharpen his skills, age and time will take it away. At the age of 55, he knew he was done and retired from knighthood. That was 10 years ago.

His whole life was focused on his duty and responsibility to the knight's code. It was the life he knew how to live. To let go of it was to restructure his life again. He had sacrificed greatly for his duty and for that, the king offered him his heart's desire. Instead of choosing riches, he instead chose a small house with a small barn to house his pecopeco on the outskirts of Nork. What is the use of riches for a man that sacrificed everything for duty? He thought then.

He had loved once. And he had let her go. Duty was far more important to him than love. Looking back, it was probably the greatest mistake he had ever committed in his life. It was a mistake that neither cost him his life nor those of others. The only cost was his heart.

“It's no use reminiscing about the past…” Nathan stood up and went to his little barn. There was his horse; his only companion these days. He quickly led the horse out of the barn.

“Well, Feather, what you say we ride out once again? Just like old times.” Nathan said to his pet. The horse shouted happily. Nathan rode the horse out of Nork.

As he was riding the open land of southern Nork, he saw one meteor fall. And another. And another. It was one of the most beautiful things Nathan had ever seen. It was as if all the stars were falling out of the sky. Nathan was mesmerized at the beauty of it. His hose however was terrified. It shifted uncontrollably beneath him. Nathan consoled the horse and gave him feeds to calm the bird down.

Once Feather calmed down, he looked up again to find that the spectacle had ended as quickly as it began.

“Might as well take a look, maybe I could take a souvenir with me.” He rode to where he thought the meteors landed.

Walking towards the desert, he could see faint traces of charred earth. As he continued on forward, the traces of the meteors’ descent were more evident. Craters were clearly seen ranging from the small ones and one big crater at the center. Fearing that the horse might suffer an injury because of the uncertainty of the terrain, Nathan descended his horse and walked towards the craters to examine it. Upon reaching the largest crater, something caught his eye. He thought he could see movement from the center of the crater. He hurriedly went down to investigate and found a newborn child wrapped in a white cloth. He picked up the baby and stunned to see crystal blue eyes staring at him almost as if it was studying the old man. He smiled at the baby.

“Well, well look at what fate brought me”

Upon hearing the words, the child let out a little laugh and its eyes sparkled like the stars in the cold dark night.
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Chapter I
Trouble in the Capital

Nork. The capital of Drakkar has always been the center of industry and trade. Merchants and tourists from all over the world arrived in droves to showcase their wares, skills and talents. And with the abundance of wares present in the capital, adventurers never fail do drop by to buy rare equipments. It was a bustling town, filled with different and varied voices.

At the southern entrance, two men were seen approaching, along with dozens of people. One was carrying a guitar, dressed in the usual bard outfit with a romantic gent covering his head. Tufts of blue hair can be seen protruding from just under the hat. And his eyes shone like emeralds. The other was an archer paladin rested on his spiky blond hair and his raven-colored eyes scanned the area for anything and everything. The bard smiled upon entering the glorious capital of Drakkar.

“Finally, we’re in Nork!” said the bard.

“It's been a long time since you went to Nork, huh Tim?” said the archer, looking at his friend with genuine amusement.

“Yeah. I haven't been here ever since we moved out 15 years ago. Come on Jeremy. Let's go and find a room to stay for the night.”


Unfortunately, most rooms were filled to the rafters. They had arrived on a day where there was a tremendous amount of influx of people in the city. They had to settle for a room in the suburb of Nork, the most dangerous part of the city where a thief will slit a man’s throat for a coin or two. No matter how much they did not like it, they were left with no choice since they had business to deal with in Nork. As they were going up to their rooms, a thief called up to the bard.

“Hey!! Aren't you a bard? Sing us a song!!” bellowed the thief in his drunken stupor. He and his friends were obviously drunk despite the fact that the bright sun was still shining intensely. Tim, who wanted to avoid trouble, obliged them on their request. Jeremy went up ahead to fix their things.

He began playing an old Norken Ballad. Tim, although it can't be said that he was the best, is a talented bard. At twenty-four, he was already a well-accomplished bard who had traveled far and wide.

“More! More!” chorused his would-be audience. Tim smiled.

“I’m sorry to say but I’m pretty tired from the long trip. Maybe I could oblige you again after I’m well rested. Excuse me gentlemen.”

One of the thieves stood up and slammed the table with all his might.

“I said play more!!!” he bellowed.

Tim looked at him intently; his green eyes sparkled with dark intent.

“Not now.”

“If you don't play, we're going to make sure you're not going to play for anybody else ever again.”

The thief unsheathed his knife and showed signs of attacking. Before he could lay his hands on Tim, an arrow landed in front of the thief.

“Don't even think about it.” said Jeremy. He quickly put away his bow and went to his friend’s side.

Suddenly one of them attacked, Jeremy sidestepped and threw a kick at the man’s gut. The man clutched his stomach in obvious pain. Tim balled his fist and punched the man in the face; knocking him unconscious.

With a man down, the people inside the inn quickly left leaving the two friends and the group of rogues.

“Well, I guess it's just between you two boys and us men.” One of the thieves snickered.

“Boys? We'll see about that…” said Jeremy with a smile; Tim had a bored look on his face.

The fight was over in a few seconds. The thieves were no match for the two. They were so drunk that they didn't even swing their daggers properly. As they were rounding up all those who have fallen unconscious, a group of knights came barging in.

“What happened?” asked the leader.

The leader of the knights was one of the most beautiful women both the bard and the hunter had ever seen. She had long brunette hair that reached down to her waist. Her face was like those of an angel. Crystal blue eyes that looked like it could see the soul, rosy cheeks and pinkish lips.

“Wow” they said in unison.

“Not this again.” muttered the commander with a hint of agitation in her voice. “Anyway, you're all under arrest for what happened here. You'll be brought to prison for further questioning.”

This snapped Tim from his reverie. “What?? We didn't do anything wrong. They started it!”

“Yeah, well, but just the same, you have to be arrested. Knights, please arrest this two gentlemen” said the lady knight.

“First day back on Nork, I get into a fight then get arrested. This is definitely not my day.” Tim said as the knights and their beautiful leader led them to the prison.

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The Promise Of A Fal

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Great beginning Youve got me intrigued, definitely. And I know which poem youre talking about--its one of my faves. Ill try to find an English translation for the whole thing somewhere and post it here; would that be ok?

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