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Computer Desk Pics

Post by flisk »

I got the idea while sitting in the lobby today, I thought it would be fun to let you guys see what a mess I compute in. Feel free to post yours, just try to keep it somewhat small; like mine is 600x400 (for sake of diap up users and to not throw off the settings of these forums. Also if you need picture hosting email them to me at and I'll see what I can do.

Here is mine:


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Post by Torch »

Jesus Flisk, you're a pig!! :)

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Post by Rygar »

That's pretty clean, about what mine would look like, if I cleaned it up some. :)

Not posting a pic, but to give you an idea... On my desk, I see shotgun shells, partially made knives, m&m wrapper, rubics cube, mtg cards, a few paper plates and empty water bottles, cup of sunflower seed hulls, a dirty fork, printer paper strung about... There's more but I would have to move stuff to find it.

Oh and my desk is 5' wide and 3' deep, plenty of room for a mess. Two monitors, keyboard and one tower ontop of the desk... To lazy to move the tower to its cubby hole. I got a new lcd monitor, replacing one of my huge ugly monitors, the mess really shows now.

I clean it up ever 2 or 3 months, with general trash clean up being more often.

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Post by Yeti »

i should have taken a picture of DemonLTs room before we cleaned it up and he moved. It was a HUGE mess, way worse than flisks, hehe. When we moved, we took 10+ bags of garbage out of his room -_-

My comp is in the kitchen, so it is clean :hoho

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Post by Izlude »

mine used to be in the kicthen, easy access to food :/
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Post by Drewstr »

Mine is in the livingroom where my mom complains everytime she looks and sees the 30,000 post it notes stuck to my monitor and all the college mail i got stacked up around it cause i'm too lazy to reply and get them done and over with, lol
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Post by Crusher »

When she looks at my desk, my mom never stops yelling. Get the picture? :)
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