Player vs Player Combat

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Player vs Player Combat

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- Player vs Player combat is prohibited in Drakkar (see exceptions below)
Drakkar is NOT a pvp game, nor has it ever been. If you cannot live without PvP, you
would be best served spending your money elsewhere.

First offense - Warning
Second Offense - 7 Day Ban
Third Offense - Account Lock

This includes ANY action that intentionally jeopardizes the play of another player. Including ( but not limited to )
- Causing creatures to attack another player
- Directly Attacking a player
- Stealing from a player
- Buffing, healing or engaging a creature that another player is currently attacking
- Taking ANY action which would endanger another player character, with the intent to
do so.
- Taking any action which affects a player in an undesired fashion ( liminv, mass teleport, etc )

Exception: By Mutal Consent
Mutual Consent PvP is legal given these circumstances
- Both players must consent within 10 minutes of the engagement
- PVP must take place outside the view of any other player
- PVP intent must not be revealed in the forums, chat rooms or game chat
- NOTE: Know your opponent well, if the loser contacts a sysop and claims there was
no consent, the killer will be punished as above ( We are not responsible, or will track,
in any form consent)
Exception: Game Strategy PVP ( corpse movement, creature positioning, etc )
- Once again, we will not track, note or arbitrate this action. So take care who you
engage in this manner
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Yes the above includes actions like


basically any action you take against another player that interferes with their gameplay