When a Griffin is no longer cute....

Ever made a mistake? <G>
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When a Griffin is no longer cute....

Post by Stelmaria » Wed Apr 23, 2008 10:04 am

Couple weeks ago, I decided that I could take on the VT Griffin.....solo. I've killed him before, without incurring severe damage, so nu? Why couldn't I do it again :? ? I traipsed boldly to the single lair (without any IH, mind you)...he was home! I felt elated! My MA and Staff skill was blocking him quite well, as well as my +7 Bresh shield, and my armor. I just made sure to keep energy shield up, and keep moving, and I was doing awesome. If he did manage to get a hit in, he was hitting me for about -20...not too bad...something I could handle rather well, especially as he wasn't hitting me often. I got distracted at one point, and suddenly, he proned me for -120, and I then began to realize my danger. He hit me again for about 20, and then I realized...if I jumped off that ledge, I'd kill myself. I had a little more than 20 hp remaining...Stupidly...blindly, I kept hitting him, I really felt I could kill him....he was down to his last notch (and so was I) then, as I reached for a twig (to twig back to Nork...why didn't I think about twigging back, before? :shock: ), because he hit me again, down to only 9 hp.....BAM! the screen went black, and I realized I was dead :( ...the Griffin made a quick meal of me, stripped me of everything except my ratburrow sash. On closer inspection....I realized that, :shock: OH NO!!!!!!I lost 10 hp and 3 megs exp!....I slowly went back to VT with dread, to check my skill percentage...I lost about 40% of my Ment skill, and dropped an entire skill level for both MA and staff :cry: :cry: :cry: . I believe I could have avoided the disaster if I had only thought to grab some IHs from Ratburrow Town first. The thing that hurts me the most right now though, is that 10 permanent hp loss...at 15/13 (maybe at some point, someone could get me to KM lair to drink mino bloods to recover my lost HP until then...) This is by far, the worst eat I've experienced in Drak...I'm sure it could have been worse but.... Thankfully, I got help retrieving my gear from a strangely empty Griffy lair (I learned a little later, that SirTravis finished him off before my DP recovery...I did all the work though 8) ), and then, after that, quite frankly, I just felt like going to bed...I had enough "excitement" for the night. Going to a lair without any IH :roll: ......bad news :| ....I will have my revenge though...kill that Griffy over and over...no matter how cute I think he is....you can be sure of that! :x :x :x

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Re: When a Griffin is no longer cute....

Post by Ambrose » Tue Jun 17, 2008 8:58 am

It has been almost 2 monthes ... I trust you have your skill back. Jumping off the edge to kill yourself would have been one of those clever avoid-the-eat maneuvers. Like when I killed our combat stunned healer so the lair crit wouldn't get him ... oops ... lost paladinhood.

FYI mino bloods don't have to be drank in KM lair .. just on KM5 ... pretty sure my free ment keeps a twig to a safe spot for blood consumption.

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Re: When a Griffin is no longer cute....

Post by Chrystamyr » Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:16 pm

Slamming can be done from the lair spots if you're that far down.

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