Dp recovery

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Dp recovery

Post by TangoDown » Mon Jan 31, 2005 5:16 pm

A lil after i made my new account (ond1 got deleted guess 5 years is too long) i was wandering around Nork on my brand spanking new level 8 thief and i happened to come across the town of Frore.. well i made my way to the king's throne room and he told me of a feircesome creature called the Snowbeast but from what i heard it was only a myth so i began my perilous trek through the icelands and happened to come across his lair as arogant of a newb i was i began to taunt the creature of mythic proportions and soon my life ended with a quick swipe of the monsters claws, OMG! i thought how could this be! i must retrieve my racs! so i asked on dz if any1 could help me and very kindly Darge came to my aid in retrieving my beloved rac and +1 mace which i fough so hard to attain, but he seemed a lil mad when he didnt find my "bresh" which i lost in the tragic struggle, so i wrote this to say sry and ty for helping a newb out , P.S. dont lie about DP's cuz karma allways comes back to you, just as i passed the iceflows on my journy back to my hometown of nork and i happened upon a dragon...
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Post by Darge » Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:50 am

hehe, i still remember lk and kordoch helping me get my first SoB dp recovered <g> nobody tells the noob that he has a stun disk and it doesnt matter how many hp you have compared to his per hit dmg
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