Stupid fire room :p

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Stupid fire room :p

Post by Dedbob »

I just remembered some months ago when I hunted n-6 fs draggy with one of my guild mates...
Was pretty excited about giving the scales to my healer and keeping the fs ammy for my paladin, finally something that blocks firestorm!

One or two days later I was hunting in fire room, and as usual I go to stand in the circle of fire with the teleport hex to rd lair.. I just like to stand there, I dunno why. Two things I didnt know: 1, I was wearing my new fs ammy. 2, fs ammy will teleport you to rd just as well as a regualr fire ammy. I step on the hex and poof, Im staring at a red dragon.. and theres an empty slot where my ammy should be.. I asked Mars if it could be replaced, he promptly responded with a "No." so I proceeded to stomp all over that rd for having a lair that ate my beloved fs ammy. :P

A couple hours later I was given an untied one from wherever untied fs ammys come from.. heheh.

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Post by Dragonslayer »

spot i think?
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Post by Mistress »

I did that once on my healer when she was very small and it was like WHAM!!!! I teleported died and I just maxxed eps and now she was dead the second I got in there It sucked.....BAD!!!!

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Post by Mihey »

Aye, this is why I have developed a habit of checking ammy before entering the hex...

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Post by imaflamin »

LoL Yea...I done that once....Someone pm'd me and asked if i'd join the in n5 fire room. My 2nd crits a healer, so OF COURSE I had a "fs ammy" on. I always stand in the middle hex too, but I crossed the middle hex without thinking about the ammy "even tho I knew about the tp to lair" I ran across the island hex "poof!" im in draggy lair. My healer WAY to small for soloing a draggy....Didn't get eaten, thank god I had a twig!:D

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