Mass slith hunt = mass slith dp

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Mass slith hunt = mass slith dp

Post by Mikhale »

Anyone else remember Stryker_EDGE and his slith hunt

we had to take 2 trips on the MT there was so many people

problem was the safe hex can only fit so many , sooo when pepople got bumped off the hex , the slith was heard to say YUMMM fresh meat.

I ran to the west side of the lair and could not belive how many death wails i was hearing.

Not funy for the guys that lost stuff, but man form where i was it was a hoot !!


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Post by Tinke »

I was on km5 with barb and saw People running all over , I was wondering what happened, Til I heard slith calling People by Name even. You shall not escape me
so and so....! They didn't either :( Gear recovery that night was too Funny ....!
You just got "pinged" by a "Trapsack" of pixie dust...!!!!

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