The search for safety

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The search for safety

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Aye, back then, when I still had my ment, level 17 or so was he, skill 12 I think. I wanted to explore denaba caves thoroughly... I noticed the water at stairs.

So, I respirate myself, run look around water... Hey, it is taking somewhere!
I follow the stream, wow, even more water! Soon I find a town... wow, never heard of it before (heard a few hints about enork, but didnt know this was enork until I realized it).
So, I enter... AAAAH, stunned! I dance for a couple round, IH on last notch then uh oh, cant run there, they are all over the place now!

Burning eps quickly (didnt max em back then), so I run inside one of buildings to regen... Bad idea. Big, big giant.
Prone, I barely escaped, gulping IHs. I run around; hey, this is familiar... nork? At that time I realized it was enork, but was busy running from the npc. eSF was full of npcs, so I ran further... portal room, full of fire? I ran in there, phew, finally safe...

Nope. One of them npcs stunned me. Soon I danced into the hole, you know... Uh oh.

The next thing I saw was LOTS of fire. And... dragons everywhere! Salamanders!

First thing was IH, ouch, hot fire... ran north, seeking safety. I managed to get protfire on, phew, that cooled things down... yikes, a whole herd of dragons! And I hit the wall... run east, blimmey, wall! South, doh, walled.

When I went west, looking at the depleting IH supply in sack with fear, I saw brick walls... yay! Went along it, saw double door and went inside... Phew. Not so many dragons now... fend off some salamanders. Then a couple dragons came in from north, I didnt want to go north, so I had to go deeper in... a large room, uh oh, another dragon named spot.
I ran to the east and I was terrified by the fire giant! Almost wet my pants. Ran to the corner, but they eventually found me...

YAAAGH! Panicked, ran everywhere I could, dragons everywhere! Then I noticed a niche, went in, uh oh, flattened... fire giant came in and the niche was a dead end! THanks for dancers, they saved me once again; danced towards the end of the niche and the next thing I saw was the elements. Frore!

Soon a couple dragons appeared; that is how I found out about the mysterious frore dragons. Thanksfully, fg didnt follow then...

Terribly shocked, I returned to the good ol' safe Nork.:D

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Good story! :)

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