Nameless gear vs cob/nork gear

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Nameless gear vs cob/nork gear

Post by Manapua »

Question for you big NL folks.

Is nameless gear an across the board upgrade vs ALL nork gear or ALL cob gear in the same way that anything in Cob is better than anything in nork/aleria (with a few minor exceptions) ?

Are the pluses on items in NL greater than the pluses on nork/cob? For example the various +4 robes in NL, are they better than +5 Yellow in cob, Reggie or a Lori robe (assuming you dont need the EP regen)? OR weapons, will a random +longsword from NL be better than the same + weapon in Cob or Nork?

Thanks for responses.


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Re: Nameless gear vs cob/nork gear

Post by Lynx »

To be honest, I have done a little bit of testing on that matter, my escapee longsword seems to do more damage than my improva, at least in timmy caves, but it wont even hit skellies in uc, another friend of mine tested escapee halberd, says it was much worse than SoG hally, so im not sure if that is because of the weapons or anything, but i always wear a +4 or +5 robe over any of the nameless robes i have acquired yet, still need to do more testing though.

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Re: Nameless gear vs cob/nork gear

Post by Martialarts »

Some of the cob gear is way better then NL gear IE the snake helm is best for some areas and a must is some robes and amulets..

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