New to Drakkar? Looking for help?

Players assistance on how to get started
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New to Drakkar? Looking for help?

Post by Doro »

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Read the gold tiles in the school first !

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So you want to play and dont know what to do???

Things you need to know:

1) Creating your first character:

Your first crit will be something of an experiment.
It will be rerolled (wiped out) later.
For survival, choose an Outcast race and keep hitting the roller
until you get 19 Strength and 18 Agility.
Nothing else will matter for this first crit.
High Strength lets you hit harder (kill faster).
High Agility lets you dodge attacks (die less).

2) Choosing a class:

Dedicate to Mentalist.
You can still use weapons, steal AND you can cast Psi attacks.
Learn to kill in as many ways as you can, include Martial Arts.

3) Learn your way about Nork:

Ground level Nork is safe, wander around.
Learn where the shops and trainers are
(some trainers will be beyond your reach for now).
Learn how to buy and sell.
Learn how to skill train and class train.
DO NOT cross any water.
DO NOT go down holes or stairs (unless you are ready to fight).

4) To the hunt:

South of the pool in Nork are some stairs down.
Learn how to negotiate stairs (left click, right click)

You are in a dungeon (one level down).
Creatures (crits) you will see; orcs goblins trolls and rockmen.
Your job is to kill them to gain skill and gain experience.
Notice that one type is easier to kill than another.

Select the attack icon and click on the red-tagged crits.
They will die OR you will - learn the restore command (#restore).
If your health is getting low then you will want it to go back up to full;
drink an Instant Health (IH) or a Mend (cheaper) potion which you bought from the shop - click the drink icon.

After vanquishing your enemy(s) you will;
a) Gain Experience
b) Gain skill
c) Be able to loot the spoils

Stand on top on the dead crit and hit the search icon, take whatever you want -
Items of value include helms, gems, rings and coin.
When your sack is full or you need more IH go back to the shop, sell up and buy more IH.

Rinse and repeat as necessary.

5) Interaction with other players:

Nork is THE place to meet other players, learn to talk to them and shout at them.
You MAY be helped along your way, you MAY be hindered.
Good AND bad advice abounds.

6) Armour:

You start the game relatively naked, many items can be worn to protect you.
Your number one piece of gear will be a chain mail vest.
Take one from the ground in Nork -1 as soon as you see one.
Discard the leather vest in favour of the chain, you will be virtually unhittable!

7) Weapons:

Hold an item in your RIGHT hand and it will be your weapon.
Hold an item in your LEFT hand and it will shield you.
Some items are obviously more suited for attacking or defending.

No weapon? Hit them with your fists - use Martial Arts (MA) skills.
Want to try thievery? Steal from them and sack the loot.
Want to try Psi? Select the Enmiss icon and blast away from a distance (much safer).

Don't forget to run away if the going gets tough.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1) Things you may have noticed:

a) This is a round based environment, you can time when things are going to happen to your advantage.

b) Crits run at you if they see you.

c) Crits run away if their health is too low.

d) Crits with bows stand still (when they see you).

e) Crits with empty hands often take a weapon from the ground and start to weild it.

All these things are part of the game and should be noted for future reference.

For example; If you use a Halberd (hally) you can hit crits from one space (hex) away
the advantage? Crits move a maximum of 3 hexes in Nork -1, if you see one 4 hexes away it will run at you, but not reach you in one round, but you can hit it!
Run away 3 hexes, rinse and repeat.

You can take advantage of many similar features in this way.

2) The deeper dungeons:

By now you will ave ventured a level or more below Nork -1 (scary huh?), you will have noticed that the crits are more agressive. Imagine what it's like in the really deep levels!

You might want to start looking for better armour and gear.
Listen to the town crier in Nork and learn how to 'tan' things at the Tanner.

3) Hits, EPS and Skill training.

Gold, gold, and yet more gold, you will never have enough.
Either plan to hunt for Skill or plan to hunt for gold, don't be side-tracked and try to mix the two, you will be disapointed if you do.

EPS are enormously expensive, best reserved for the most wealthy of players, learn to use what little EPS you have effectively.

4) Politics.

Unless you are very confident of yourself don't get involved with other player's squables. Watch, learn and keep your mouth firmly shut.

"There was an Owl sat in an Oak;
the more he heard the less he spoke.
The less he spoke the more he heard.
Wasn't he a wise old bird?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Whenever you meet someone hunting in an area take the opportunity to greet them.
Either join forces with them (preferred) or pass them by, do not take their kills from them, do not take loot from their killing area. Do no killing within their area.
If a player deosn't reply to your questions don't get upset, there are many reason why they can't chat back.
- - - - -
Partying is a good way to gain friends, experience and skill. In a party you have resopnsibilities, you are expected to help with the gains a party can produce (whether it is healing, protecting or killing), carry your weight and everyone will benefit.
- - - - -
Being a small player is not a crime of course. Being an annoying nuisance is - beware, bad reputations are very hard to shake off.
- - - - -
When purchasing stuff (e.g. hits) try to boost your Charisma as high as you can.

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Q How do you take a dead body from the ground when you have no looting rights to it?
A You can't
- - - - -
Q How do you pick up other players?
A #take corpse
- - - - -
Q How does the hp doc work?
A Fill your sack with the gold you want to spend.
Stand ontop of the hp doc.
Type #<hp doc name here>,hits
(He will take as much of your gold as he needs to give you as many hits as he can)
Keep going until he says "I can teach you no more."
- - - - -
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Please post questions at the bottom of this thread.
Once answered, please remove your question.
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Further guides available here:-
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Post by Wolverine2 »

Froz that will just get you banned from drakkar on your Computer so i suggest that you don't do that listen to doro


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Post by Dragonslayer »

Oh and can the first post be added to the site as a guide?
And add a tip ointing to the help file in drak.
Dragonslayer of PHNX

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Post by Ambrose »

While I applaud Doro's intent, we should not forget that much of his post is opinion ... especially the skill vs coin issue ... you are outright telling them to coin when they haven't killed to earn it ... I know many will say that to seperate coining from skilling is the best way. But skill happens while you coin ... coin happens while you skill ...
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Post by Brad »

I stickied this..

Make it constructive, and from a players viewpoint, and lets keep it going.

Review your posts, remove any confusing sarcasm, and lets see what we can do to help newbies from a players perspective.


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Post by Ambrose »

Another way to go for the beginner:

Everyone has an opinion on the best newbie path ... many players like max ... max stats, max hp, max ep, max damage delivered. While a 'clean' crit will need near max char, willpower & luck; the truth is that your first crit should 'work for a living'. Leave the roller with stats that will allow you to play now. Str to kill and carry some coin without waddling; agil to dodge a few of the blows dealt by the crits in the first dungeon.

The gold tiles are your friends (and maybe we can get them updated).

--always keep a succor twig to the Steel Flower ... when you twig in, make another. Always keep it in the same place, so you know where to find it & which twig you are dropping

--while your hit points are < 150 use the mend pots sold in the shop next door to Sal in the northwest part of town ... they are cheap and heal almost 100 points.

--always pick up coin and gems ... if you have to leave the dungeon in the next couple minutes, don't go with an empty sack. Helms are nice because the sell fairly well and fit in sack ...

--when you are exploring and you come upon another player: greet them, do not kill any monsters in the immediate area (right or wrong people feel that they are THEIR monsters and it is better to be polite). If the other player is hanging around ... 'working the spot', then move along or ask if they would like to make a party. Some people just like to work alone ... don't take offense.

--try different weapons ... even as ment or healer ... you will spend time waiting for energy points to regen ... you might as well be swinging a staff or another weapon while you wait.

--if you are not a ment, find a sense ring and use it to identify items ... if it is something you have never seen double click on it first to take a good look at it first.

--once you decide you like a weapon and want to stick with it, go to the trainer and pay for training. Training does not give you skill in the weapon; training will allow you to skill that weapon faster. The cost for this bonus increases as you get better. All classes will need/want to train their weapons with the fighter trainer after they reach skill 5 or so.

--armor & shields: the beginning dungeon is not so deadly that you need special armor ... put on the first set of chain mail that you find and watch your hp. You will probably not find a shield in N-1, there will be time later.

--when it comes time to do something more challenging ... and you ask someone else if you are big enough: remember the kid in school who was always bragging. People in Drakkar rarely err on the side of caution. They might say THEY did something at level 10, but not mention that they were wearing gear from their larger crit ... or mention that they died 3 times in the attempt. And it might have been long ago and their memory less than accurate.

--The tanner: most things worth having require defeating some monster. Sometimes they drop what you want when searched; sometimes the corpse needs to be tanned for the armor/gear. The first tanner you might find in in western Nork town. Drop the corpse on his hex and type in command: name,tan. Some creatures do not tan into anything even though he says "there ya go".

--tying items give the message "you feel a twinge in your arm, extending to the base of your neck" if you see this message, crits on your account can use/wear this item as long as there is not an alignment or size requirement. A weapon will automatically fumble when you attack with it if it is tied to someone else, armor or cloaks will fall to the ground and you will get message that it doesn't fit you.

--the command bar and macros: it isn't rocket science but it does take a willingness to experiment
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Post by Mihey »



How do I pick people up? (real question)

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Post by Morgar »

Here's a couple items I was taught a long long time ago and they probably need to be brought out an aired in public again.

* Unless you're in a party with someone (or someones), do not hunt within visual range of another player. That only confuses the crits and causes them to bounce between you and the other person.

* The steel flower and DZ Chat are for forming parties. If that player you stumble onto on -5 doesn't reply to your question of partying, he/she may (a) not want to party, or (b) may be doing all they can at the moment to stay alive and not wish to break from combat to talk to you.

* DO NOT GO AFK WHILE IN THE DUNGEON. If you're alone and you croak, its your own fault. But its unfair to go afk while in a party and expect your partymates to keep you alive. PLUS you're simply leeching skill and exp off them. Oh its one thing to go for a 2 minute pee break, but if you expect to be gone more than 2 minutes, inform your party and then LEAVE the party. And if you're not in a party and go afk and get killed, well you got what you asked for.

* Explore cautiously. Nothing annoys people more than having to do multiple DP Recoveries for the same player over and over again. It takes only a few minutes to find out where a hole/stair/climb down point etc goes. If you don't want to look at seville's maps, then a simple "Hey I'm a level XX and I found this hole SE of frore, should I go in?" in dz chat will save you a world of hurt.

And finally;

* Treat others in the manner in which you want them to treat you.

Useful Drakkar files for Heros and Cowards:

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Post by Mihey »

Phoenix Website , Information -> Guides... there are quite a few guides ;)

Some of those may be outdated and checked for spelling, though... especially mine, since I wrote those a few years ago *cough*
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Re: New to Drakkar? Looking for help?

Post by nunnbt473 »

I'd love to update the tiles and even recreate the school with little things. Such as turning it into a miniature fun house where you have to walk through the school and say various commands, buy an item from the shop and hold it to move onto the next part of the school ..etc. Hide the stairs and move them one square so newbies wouldn't know they were there until they had completed the school once.

I would also love to update the help files, or better yet integrate them into the game some how. Add a command line to search for key words such as #help sweep (This is an MA skill obtained at X skill level. It attempts to attack all characters onhex..etc) something along those lines.

Normally I would charge a 'small fee' for such a service, but I am just amazed that brad has remade (and improved) every aspect of the game except this one. Hence I would do it for nothing in my spare time.
Just say no to fate cards.

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