Taking a Break.

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Taking a Break.

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Hello to all you Kingdom of Drakkar Fans ;)

Due to the inactivity Ive observed in the game lately, I find that I must Idle my accounts. It's been a real fun ride in the past year and hopefully it will resume in the future. As of now, I cant see paying 25 bucks a month on 5 accounts just for an accelerated version of the game. For me, there needs to be more game development (more places to hunt, and more levels and skills to look forward to) to justify that kind of monthly expense.

Another reason I'm idling my accounts is due to the lack of folks online to play with.. yes, it's a bit lonely in the game lately.

In the event that things perk up in the future, please drop me a line at hoagan@gmail.com I would love to come back and play again. In the mean time, I'll be checking forums off and on and hoping that things get hopping again.

Yours truly,
Poodoo ;)

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