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Dear Brad

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Have you ever stopped and thought that less is more? I have already paid my $50 for Nameless access and now you want me to pay $8-$15 ( depending if I want UGH on a crit that month ) more a month for a fast round NL? That is another $96 to $180 a year.. You are double dipping here on content people already paid for and now it is behind the ridiculous platinum plan. Dont get me wrong because I love fast rounds and I think most if not all of the player base loves fast rounds.. It makes the game much more fun. I just think there was a better way to do it. I read that you said you need 5 new platinum accounts to cover for it.. If that is the case then why do it? Just feels like you are trying to take advantage of those that have a one man group.

There is already.

Silver - $5
Gold - $10
LGH - $4.50
UGH - $7.50
Platinum - $25

Less is more!

There are many players that run multiple accounts and this new plan of yours doesnt work for them. And if that causes those players to close those alternate accounts because they cant bring their one man group to NL2? You are out more than just a few dollars. There are players with 6+ and 10+ accounts going and all being paid.. They arent going to upgrading them to platinum if that is what you were hoping.

Less is more!

No offense but you seem to be stuck 25+ years in the past with pricing options.

Silver IMO isnt needed but those with multiple accounts use that option so leave it.

Leave Gold as is.

Guild Halls. I am not sure what the thought process were for these pricing wise when they came out but since they are used as an incentive for a bundled platinum they have to stay. Reduce LGH to $2.50 and UGH to $4.50. Keeps the same ridiculous structure but cheaper. If it were up to me LGH would be with silver and UGH would be with Gold.

Platinum - When people were talking about a bundle discount I am pretty sure they were thinking about something less than $25 a month. I know I was. Reduce Platinum to $15.. This IMO would be the money maker. Both single and multiple accounts holders would find this attractive.

Not like it matters. This ship sailed years ago and you missed the boat. To late now. Honestly Drakkar should have went free to play years ago with an optional premium membership. Free to play players would by content packs of Aleria , Cob and NL + 2x EXPSkill potions ($1 per potion ). Premium members get everything + a constant 5x EXP and Skill bonus. Missed the boat on that option too.

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